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Engine Repair Service

How much does Engine Repair cost?

It depends on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have. They provide you convenience by coming to your home or office.

How does a car engine work?

Car engines are usually described in terms of the number of cylinders they have and the amount of power they can generate. Fuel burns inside of the cylinders, and there is usually anywhere between two and twelve of them, most typically four, six or eight. Inside the cylinders, there are tight-fitting pistons that slide up and down. The pistons are attached to an axle called the crankshaft. The moving pistons turn the crankshaft, which power the gearbox to drive the wheels. The cylinders also have two valves, and inlet valve which allows fuel and air to enter the cylinder and an outlet valve which lets the exhaust gas escape. At the top of the cylinder you’ll find a spark plug, which is an electrically controlled device that makes a spark to set fire to the fuel in the cylinder. It’s the combustion of the fuel in the cylinder, which moves the pistons, which ultimately move your car.

Signs your car needs Engine Repair

  • Too Much Exhaust Smoke Excessive exhaust smoke is one of the first signs of engine problems. The color of the smoke can give you a clue of the type of problem you're dealing with. Blue smoke indicates burning oil, white smoke is an indicator of burning coolant and black smoke implies excessive gas is being used.
  • Rough Idle If your vehicle appears to sputter while driving while idle, it may be due to engine problems. Their may be easy solution, like mounting brand-new spark plugs or repairing a sensing unit.
  • Stalling If your vehicle dies or idles while driving, you should get your car examined by a mechanic ASAP. This is a very dangerous issue that could lead to a serious accident.
  • Knocking Noise A knocking noise coming from under the hood commonly indicates used engine bearings.
  • Fluid Leakages If you ever observe something leaking from your car you must have an expert technician examine it. It's never normal for your car to be leaking fluid. If your vehicle is losing fluid and you don't address it, you're going to ultimately require a major repair work.
  • Check Engine Light This is a sure sign you are having engine problems. Sometimes it's a sign of something small but it can also be a sign of a more serious, dangerous problem. You should contact a mechanic for a check engine light diagnostic

How important is this service?

Have your engine inspected as soon as you notice any signs, as any problem will only become worse over time. A blinking Check Engine Light indicated a serious problem and you must stop driving the car and have it examined by a technician right away.

Engine Repair Reviews

Brandon Mordy
Brandon Mordy
22:22 26 May 20
Jack (the Instamek mechanic) called me back when I requested after viewing the inspection report. He provided some really great information and answered the questions that I had. I'd like to thank him for his thorough and in depth inspection as this has helped me understand the condition of the minivan in question. He was also very cordial and easy to speak with. I give him 5 stars. Thank you... Instamek for all your help with my pre-purchase inspection.On another note, I noticed that a few Google reviews are negative. I would advise that it is likely that a lot of those reviews were for older cars that might not be in good condition. What you have to remember is that they are primarily an inspection service. They are trying to demonstrate the current condition of the vehicle. If they were to miss something, that might expose the buyer to unforeseen repair expenses. So, of course they are going to proceed on the side of caution by listing everything they can see and test. And, they cannot look inside the engine either. So, some items might need to further diagnosed by a physical repair shop or monitored for follow-up later. They are not able to do an exhaustive review given their fee of approximately $200, their limited time associated with that fee, and being mobile with limited equipment. I do not think it is reasonable to expect them, or any other auto inspection service, to ascertain the location of an oil leak either. A lot more time would be needed to diagnosis this. It is even difficult for a physical shop to determine the exact location of an oil leak. Sometimes, it is easy to determine while other times it is difficult if there is a lot of oil caked on an engine. Sometimes an engine will have be cleaned and then monitor where a leak occurs over a certain duration. So I think that a lot of the negative comments are not justified nor are they reasonable. I just thought that I would share my opinion and perspective for future users of the inspection more
Telina Chomey
Telina Chomey
22:35 24 Dec 18
Alexey came to check out my none starting car. He was easy to talk to and explained what he was doing. He told me my engine was done, but told me he'd keep trying other things just in case. Nothing worked, but I appreciated the extra effort. He explained what was wrong with it and what the noises my car was making meant. Alexey also gave me some insight on things I could do with the car since it... is now a very big paperweight.I've already told my friends about them, the fair price range and their ability to work on things (when possible) wherever your car is. 10/10 would more
Allen Kumar
Allen Kumar
14:32 05 Mar 18
The service and convenience are HEAVEN!!!My wife dripped off our kids at the arena for a hickey game. As she was parking, there were funny jerks. Thankfully she was able to park. But the car was not starting. She took the kids to the hockey game. While watching the game, she called instamek and left he keys at the information desk for the mechanic. 4 hours later after the warm up, the game,... and dressing the kids, my wife and the kdis walked to the parking to the now fully functioning vehicle. Here is a list of what they did (skme of the work was elevtive as i had asked for it)1) diagnostics2) new sparks plus3) new engine starter4) changed engine oil5) 4 break pads and rotars6) my passenger head lamp (broken from before)7) new battery8) new beltMy wife didnt even meet the mechanic. She disnt even leave the arena. Everything was explained and oid for via the phone call. My next plan is to have my yearly tune ups done while I’m at costco, the gym, or work!!!Thanns guysread more
Arshad Mehmood
Arshad Mehmood
21:49 25 Oct 15
i bought BMW was not starting up i was upset might be engine problem if i take it to shop first of all i pay for towing plus diagnose test but i called instaMek they send me one mechanic at my place he told me the problem then he left after they send me an other awesome mechanic Hany he fix the problem i am very happy on this service my car is back on the road with very little money they saved... my time and money God bless themread more

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