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Oil Change Service

Engine oil is the lifeblood of the engine. All internal, moving components of the motor have to be lubricated by the engine oil. Insufficient lubrication may cause the components to wear out quicker and finally cause engine failure. The oil filter keeps the oil clean and free from debris. If the filter isn’t replaced on a regular basis, it is going to get clogged and won’t have the ability to pass oil to the motor.

Fresh engine oil is the color of amber but with time it can turn black and in several cases, it can even get gritty as it dissolves the dirt. Frequent engine oil changes replace the oil and keep the engine clean. In some cases, there is a residual build up on the engine and an engine oil flushes required.

What is an engine oil change ?

An engine oil change refers to removing oil from the vehicle and replacing it with fresh oil. If an engine oil flush is being performed, the engine oil change is carried out at the same time. Once the old oil is taken out, chemicals are added into the engine which is left idle for a few minutes to ensure the cleaning agents reach all the spots where oil normally goes. Clean oil is then poured in once the chemicals are drained.

How much does an Oil Change cost?

Our oil change service comes with regular car maintenance. Look up the recommended service schedule for your vehicle and choose from one of the four maintenance packages below.

Our recommendation:

It is best to follow the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer. A good rule of thumb is replacing the oil and filter every 8,000 km or six months.

What are the common symptoms indicating you need an oil change?

The exact rule of thumb on this varies, but you should change your car oil at least every 6 months or every 7,500km

  • The amount of time since your last oil change exceeds the recommended miles.
  • You notice fluids on your driveway.
  • You do a lot of driving.
  • You have your car unused for months.
  • The Maintenance light is on.

How important is this service?

Regular oil changes are generally considered the most important maintenance service for your car. Do not drive your car with low engine oil. It can severely damage the engine. To avoid severe engine damage, this simple and inexpensive service should be regularly scheduled.

Prices below include a $29 service call fee and $8.50 for shop supplies. Call us at 1-866-829-7204 for more pricing options

New Customer Package


Recommended for all new customers


Regular Maintenance Package


Recommended every 8,000 km


Complete Maintenance Package


Recommended every 32,000 km


Winterize Package


Recommended every Autumn


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andrea bianca
andrea bianca
20:18 31 May 21
this was the most convenient and trusted auto repair/maintenance/service ever. when we felt that we need to call a mechanic or go to service shops, we feel devastated and stressed and we feel its a hassle, but with instamek, its the opposite. its hassle free and stress free. i was booked with alex, and he was awesome/ he turned around the problematic scenario to an heaven sent one. thanks instamek.
Dan Paniccia
Dan Paniccia
15:22 21 May 21
Grant Feth from Instamek just completed an oil change for us. Very friendly guy, fantastic service, very professional, were on time, and got the job done quickly. I would definitely recommend Grant and Instamek
Andrew McKay
Andrew McKay
14:28 12 May 21
Doug was great, came to my office, did all the service had some recommendations for me and was able to answer all my questions. This will be how I do any ongoing service and maintenance on my car going forward.
Marilyn Gordon
Marilyn Gordon
18:36 03 May 21
Great team- very helpful, very honest, very responsive! 10/10 would recommend for maintenance, fixes, advice. Always gives you a confirmed quote before work and never makes changes without your explicit approval, and never upsells unnecessary ‘fixes’.
Eric Flores
Eric Flores
21:42 30 Apr 21
Great experience, car wouldn't start, and the mechanic Jeff was able to get it running again, gave it an oil change, and gave good breakdown on what the problem and fix was. Friendly and excellent work!
Garrett Wengreniuk
Garrett Wengreniuk
17:47 26 Mar 21
I was looking for a new mechanic to take care of my vehicles, one of which is a lesser-known / rare vehicle that some are afraid to work on. I didn't need much -- oil change, give the car a once-over before getting it back on the road for the summer, the basics.Grant was on time, at my residence, and took care of the initial oil change / inspection. He had some minor recommendations based on the inspection, and explained them thoroughly and ranked them in terms of what was imminent / future / etc. I decided to go ahead with all the recommendations.Second visit, again on-time, did everything needed and then took me for a test drive in the car to make sure I was happy. Answered a few other questions I had while he was working.I had a mechanic like this before, but I found that shops have mostly turned into production lines -- drop off your vehicle, faceless person in the back does work, pick up, life goes on. Something wrong, accountability is a little tough. The one to one experience is something I miss about having a "mechanic" rather than a "shop".It's only been two services so far, but I'll be bringing him back to work on my other vehicle, and assuming all continues as it has so far, he's now my mechanic going forward.The fact that he shows up on time, at my residence, and does the work is just so convenient. I think rates are comparable to my previous shop, maybe even a little less expensive. Certainly a better experience overall. I'd recommend Grant to friends.Breakdown:Consistently on-time.Personable and friendly.Masked up for the test drive without me asking (covid-aware)Knowledgeable, but seems to know what he doesn't know, and that's also importantFair price and so far happy with the results.Thanks again Grant!

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