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Auto Battery Replacement Service

How much does a Auto Battery Replacement cost?

Typically, car battery replacement cost ranges between $300-$400, including installation cost. The price varies on the size of the battery – commonly the larger the engine, the larger and more expensive the battery. German vehicles commonly have larger batteries or batteries installed under the seat and the cost can go up to $600. Truck batteries are generally more expensive as well.

How do Car Batteries work?

The car battery is what the car uses as a source of electrical power transmitted to the entire car and all of the electrical components (e.g. the starter motor, alternator, lights, radio, etc.). None of the electrical components in the car will function and the car will not start if the car's battery is not sufficiently charged or contains no charge at all. If your battery appears to have lost its charge, a good way to test it or recharge it is to conduct a battery boost.

When to replace your Auto Battery?

  • Your car doesn’t start. A new battery has a definite capacity to provide power. This capacity is referred to as the cranking amps rating of the battery. The actual amps that a battery can supply become lower than its original rating as a battery ages. Once the cranking amps fall below a critical threshold, it will be hard or impossible to start your car.
  • Battery or charging system warning light is illuminated. A mechanic must perform a few basic tests to pinpoint if a battery replacement is necessary when a battery or charging system warning light illuminate.
  • Electrical components don’t work. Vehicle electrical components such as the security system can malfunction once a battery has started to fail, and the voltage produced by the battery drops. If you are experiencing electrical malfunctions, it’s a smart idea to have the battery tested.

How to change a Car Battery?

  • A temporary power source might be installed to avoid the possibility of losing radio presets or stored data in the PCM while the battery is out. When the battery is already completely unusable, this step is not needed.
  • The vehicle’s negative cable is detached from the battery, followed by the positive cable. The battery tie down system is loosened and the old battery will be taken out.
  • Cable ends and wiring are carefully examined to ensure no corrosion and cleanliness. Corrosion can be extreme and cable replacement or wiring repair is necessary in some cases.
  • The new battery is installed and the tie down system is reinstalled. Anti-corrosion compound is applied to the battery terminals. The positive terminal is reconnected followed by the negative terminal.
  • Some vehicles, like some models of BMW, VW, and Audi, may need PCM programming to input battery parameters. This step, achieved using a specialized scan tool, is essential to maximize battery life and avoid electrical system malfunctions.
  • The car is started and charging system output is measured and compared against the factory OEM specification to guarantee that the new battery will properly recharge. In general, charging output will be in the range of 13.8 to 14.8 volts but the exact specifications depend by built and model.

Is it safe to drive with a battery problem?

Yes, however, if you have a weak battery you might be left stranded somewhere if the battery dies completely and you cannot start your car. A faulty battery may also unnecessarily overload the alternator and could badly affect the operation of the vehicle’s electrical system, including the vehicle security system and the shift interlock.

Car Battery Replacement Reviews

Donalda Cassel
Donalda Cassel
00:07 19 Jan 20
During the crazy cold snap, I called InstaMek to help me with replacing my car battery. They arrived when they said they would and replaced my battery. The mechanic was helpful and completed the job in 10-15 minutes. Viola my car works again. Thank you InstaMek. If I have a problem again, I will definitely call them.
Muhammad Durrani
Muhammad Durrani
04:42 16 Jan 20
Needed a battery replaced. The mek alexey came and did the job within 20 minutes !
Robin Lauscher
Robin Lauscher
21:36 26 Jun 18
I was blown away by the knowledge and skill my MEK presented me with. My truck had power to all systems except the starter. I had tried banging it but it didn't go. When MyMek arrived he did a diagnostic before replacing the starter. The tests he did I had never seen. And thorough.Even if it meant crawling under the truck and back again for a small adjustment. In the end he saved me the cost of a... starter. And I got a brand new battery. That was my problem. Not enough cranking amps. I was beyond happy and Alex is a rock star!!read more
Allen Kumar
Allen Kumar
14:32 05 Mar 18
The service and convenience are HEAVEN!!!My wife dripped off our kids at the arena for a hickey game. As she was parking, there were funny jerks. Thankfully she was able to park. But the car was not starting. She took the kids to the hockey game. While watching the game, she called instamek and left he keys at the information desk for the mechanic. 4 hours later after the warm up, the game,... and dressing the kids, my wife and the kdis walked to the parking to the now fully functioning vehicle. Here is a list of what they did (skme of the work was elevtive as i had asked for it)1) diagnostics2) new sparks plus3) new engine starter4) changed engine oil5) 4 break pads and rotars6) my passenger head lamp (broken from before)7) new battery8) new beltMy wife didnt even meet the mechanic. She disnt even leave the arena. Everything was explained and oid for via the phone call. My next plan is to have my yearly tune ups done while I’m at costco, the gym, or work!!!Thanns guysread more
Gloria M
Gloria M
14:20 02 Mar 18
Everything went very smoothly from quote to service. The mechanic completed the work I needed (new battery terminals) and even cleaned up the mess of battery acid from the old battery.It would have been a hassle to arrange a tow to a garage for the work that I needed done. Very happy with my decision to try InstaMek and I would use them again.
Scott Zurfluh
Scott Zurfluh
19:37 02 Jan 18
I had what i percieved as an electrical issue with my 2008 Corvette. It was sitting in my garage and would not start and to make it worse it would no go into Drive or Park, it was stuck in neutral. Being stuck in neutral caused the battery to die within a day, and it would not charge because it was in nuetral .... or some other reason that im not aware of. My biggest concern was getting it out of... my garage and onto a flat deck without sustaining any damage. This is when i learned of instaMek (simply by searching the internet) and the service they offer. My service call took a couple of appointments to get the real issue figured out, but in the end my car was fixed and up and running for about the same as the cost of a flatdeck to have it hauled to a dealership. Who knows what the additional costs would have been had it actually made it to that dealership. Both mechanics that came out were very personable and friendly, and at no time did i get that feeling that i was going to be taken for a "financial ride". I have reccomended this service to my daughter and would not hesitate to reccomend them to you.Scottread more
Javier Barrios Briceno
Javier Barrios Briceno
01:01 16 Dec 17
Convinient service, the mechanic delivered the service I expected for, he figured out the failure effectively, even better he fixed a battery terminal issue which wasn't include in the initial requirement.

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