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Car Leaking Water Diagnostic Service

How much does a Car Leaking Water Diagnostic cost?

It depends on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have. They provide you convenience by coming to your home or office.

What causes car's to leak water?

The water pump is an essential component of the engine located at the crankshaft pulley. It runs by a chain or belt and circulates the engine coolant through the cooling passageway into the cylinder head and engine block on the radiator. Here, the coolant temperature is decreased and once reduced, it flows back to the water inlet in the engine keeping the water pump cycling. Some of the common causes of car leaking water include a leaky gasket of the water pump, a worn-out bearing seal or a broken coolant hose.

When should you consider repairing your Water Pump?

  • The coolant is either leaking or ovehearting Bearings support the water pump impeller shaft. Gradually the seal or the bearing can wear out damaging the impeller. Several water pumps have to weep holes situated near the bearings of the pump so if you come across a significant leakage from the weep hole, it's a clear sign of car leaking water.
  • The bearing is making noise. If there is a disruption in the running of the water pump shaft, the bearing wears out excessively and it makes a noise. In this case, it is essential to replace the pump to avoid the car leaking water.
  • You are replacing your timing belt. The timing belt drives the water pump in engines so it makes sense to replace them simultaneously. This way you will save time and money as it is simpler to replace the water pump when the components of timing belt are removed for a better scheded belt replacement.

  • How do mechanics replace the pump to stop the car from leaking water?

    The procedure of replacement in the case of car leaking water varies and depends if the pump is driven by timing belt, chain belt or the serpentine belt.

    • The coolant is drained to a level that is below the water pump on a cold engine.
    • The mechanic removes the parts that are required to access the water pump. This includes the chain that directly drives the pump.
    • Another way is to remove the bolts that hold the pump to the engine and to pull out the pump.
    • The gasket surface is cleaned and the pump that mounts the surface is also checked. If required, a new rubber seal, gasket or RTV sealant is put in place followed by a new pump. The mechanic then torques the bolts in order by using a calibrated inch-pound torque wrench.
    • In instances where the water pump is driven by a timing belt, the belt needs to be removed. Usually, this requires taking the timing belt covers, crankshaft pulley, and timing belt tensioner out. Once the new pump is being installed, a new coolant is added and the air is extracted out from the system. The mechanic then checks the engine and brings it to normal operating temperature to inspect for leaks.

    Is it safe to drive with a car leaking water problem?

    Absolutely not! If there is a minor leak, its ok to drive but a small leak can lead to larger damage as the pump bearing might seize unexpectedly. This in turn causes the engine to overheat which can cause serious engine damage and be quite dangerous.

Water Pump Leak Inspection Service

What is a car water pump?

The water pump is an engine accessory bolted to the engine, above the crankshaft pulley. It is driven by a belt or chain and circulates engine coolant through the cooling system passageways in the engine block and cylinder head, on to the radiator, where the coolant temperature is reduced. Once the coolant is reduced, it flows back to the water inlet on the engine and the water pump continues the cycle.

Signs it's time to replace your car's water pump

  • The coolant is overheating or leaking. The water pump impeller shaft is supported by a bearing. Eventually, the bearing or seal can wear down and leak or damage the impeller. Many water pumps have weep holes near the pump bearing and if you see significant leakage from the weep hole it’s time to replace the pump.
  • Bearing is making noise. If the water pump shaft isn’t turning smoothly or the pump is noisy, the bearing is excessively worn and replacing the pump is necessary.
  • At the same time as timing belt replacement. In engines where the water pump is driven by the timing belt, it makes sense to replace the two together. This will save you time and money since it’s considerably easier to replace the water pump when the timing belt components are removed for a regularly scheduled timing belt replacement.

What to expect during a water pump leak inspection

The replacement procedure will vary depending on whether the pump is driven by the timing belt, the serpentine belt, or chain.

  • On a cold engine, the engine coolant is drained to a level below the water pump.
  • Parts that need to be removed to access the water pump are removed, including the belt or chain that directly drive the pump.
  • The bolts holding the pump to the engine are removed and the pump is pulled out.
  • The gasket surface is cleaned and the pump mounting surface is inspected. If necessary, a new gasket, rubber seal, or RTV sealant, is installed and then the new pump. The bolts are torqued in sequential order using a calibrated inch pound torque wrench.
  • In cases where the water pump is driven by the timing belt, the timing belt must also be removed. Generally, this involves removing the crankshaft pulley, timing belt covers, and timing belt tensioner. After installing the new pump, new coolant is added and all air is removed from the cooling system. The mechanic will then run the engine bring it to normal operating temperature to check for leaks and ensure that the engine temperature is normal.

Is it safe to drive with a water pump problem?

No. If the water pump is only leaking a little bit, it’s O.K. to drive the car. However, a small leak can quickly enlarge or the pump bearing might unexpectedly seize, which would likely cause the engine to overheat and severely damage the engine.

Coolant Leak Inspection Service

What is car coolant?

Coolant is likewise referred to as antifreeze. It is a radiant yellow or green fluid that blends with the water in varieties of vehicles to maintain the radiators from getting too cold or getting too hot. It is made from either propylene glycol or ethylene glycol. Antifreeze, as well as coolant, alters the freezing and boiling points of water.

Coolant elevates the boiling point of the liquid in the engine to avoid overheating.

What causes coolant leaks?

  • Perforated radiator tank or core. This is rather very easy to detect as there will certainly be indications of leakage around the radiator.
  • Poor conditioned radiator hoses. The hoses attaching the radiator to the engine can also weaken as well as generate leakages from as small as a pinprick puncture to a full-on ruptured wall surface. Hoses normally end up being fragile and weak as they get old, making them susceptible to failure. If they are discovered as malfunctioning, hoses will certainly be required to be changed.
  • Damaged water pump. Coolant can also break loose from the water pump housing. Typically, the pump seals fall short adhering to the bearing of failing. This occurs mainly when the pump is running, so the mechanic will look for this with the engine operating. The pump will surely be required to be changed if this is the source of the leakage.
  • Defective radiator cap. It is also feasible for the radiator cap to shed its capacity to keep its system pressure. This will enable the coolant to reach its boiling point at a reduced level of temperature than intended, as well as potentially permit the vapor to get away, which presents dampness to the system.

  • What to expect during a Coolant Leak Inspection

    A top-rated mobile mechanic will be introduced to your office or even to your home to establish the source as well as the root cause of the coolant leakage and will supply a thorough evaluation report after that which will consist of the extent and expense of the needed fixings.

    How it's done

    The mechanic will come to your office or home to detect the leakage as well as examine the whole air conditioning system. The technician will pressure test the system if required.

    How important is this service?

    When engines get too hot as a result of a failing cooling system, it can lead to disastrous engine damage. It is certainly important to have the automobile inspected immediately if you observe an unusual level of temperature or even see liquids on the ground under the engine compartment of your vehicle. You can conserve a great deal of cash by solving issues as early as you can in connection with your air conditioning system.

Car Leaking Water Diagnostic Reviews

Kenny Pierre
Kenny Pierre
21:52 26 Nov 20
Grant was the mechanic that came to check on my car. He was on time, very professional, and one of the best customer service I have ever receive.
Michael Zouhri
Michael Zouhri
22:31 16 Nov 20
I had an issue with my SUV which left me trapped at my home. I live outside the city so it put me in a bit of a difficult situation to be without my SUV in the winter. I booked with instamek and they sent Grant out to my home. Having a mechanic actually show up to my home, out on the countryside, was incredible. Grant was super knowledgeable and helpful. He was also very friendly and dedicated to... exceptional customer service. He definitely left me with a lot of peace of mind and got me back on the road. I will definitely continue using the service and recommending it!read more
Angela Matheson
Angela Matheson
05:03 24 Sep 20
Jack at InstaMek literally saved me thousands of dollars. I was all ready to buy a used vehicle from a private seller as the vehicle looked and drove great However, I could see a few minor things that made me concerned that there may be bigger underlying issues. I decided it best to have an inspection before completing the sale. As there was a second buyer with cash in hand, I needed a same-day... inspection. I contacted InstaMek to see if I could get an inspection ASAP, and they sent a technician out within a couple of hours. That alone was pretty amazing customer service. Jack did a thorough inspection and showed me the photos of his areas of concern...and there were many! Although,I was sad to have spent $200 for an inspection only to walk away without the vehicle I wanted, it was money well spent as the repairs would have cost me a minimum of $3-4000. Whew! On a side note, their reporting system was having technical difficulties, so I had to wait longer than expected to get the full inspection report. However, Jack called me personally (after hours) to discuss his main concerns with me, as he knew I was anxious to make a decision on buying the vehicle. Really great customer service 👍read more
Adebiyi Olaitan
Adebiyi Olaitan
18:43 22 Sep 20
Great service and good customer service
Ashley Bains
Ashley Bains
01:48 17 Sep 20
Waheed helped me with all of my car troubles over the past few days. He went above and beyond to make sure that I was satisfied with all of the repairs on my vehicle. He did a thorough job and explained all the processes to me to help me understand what was going on. My vehicle is notorious for being tricky to fix but he was able to make all of the necessary repairs for me. I'm an extremely happy... customer and will be using his services in the more
Shawn H
Shawn H
20:44 19 Aug 20
Awesome service, I had an issue I couldn't fix and called Instamek, and I would definitely recommend, afterwards I also signed up for their subscription service to receive discounts on future problems at reduced rates! Thanks guys!
Jahangir Solehria
Jahangir Solehria
21:26 17 Jul 20
i am the owner of Sulher motors car dealership in Vancouver. Instamek has been doing inspection for my customers for the last four years. booking a time for an inspection is very convenient and reasonably priced for the job and you do not even have to be present for the inspection Their mechanic Mohamed is very professional and performs a very through inspection. i recommend Instamek to all... my customers for a peace of mind inspection before buying a used car or truck.Easy to bookgreat inspection with detailed explanation and picturesfriendly and professional staffread more

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