Tire Changeover Service

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What is Tire Changeover Service?

A Mechanic changing car tire

A Tire Changeover requires one set of wheels and two sets of tires and involves keeping your existing wheels while only switching out the rubber tires. This is initially the less expensive option as it doesn’t require purchasing a second set of wheels.
A Tire Changeover is ideal for those customers who are looking to change their tires without changing the look of their car. This service does include mounting and balancing of the tires as well. An additional fee may be charged if your wheels require special equipment, labor hours or extra care to perform tire removal and/or installation on wheels with swirls, scratches, cracks or other critical damage.

Tire Change Service by instaMek is a complete package that includes:

  1. Removal of the used tires and mounting the new ones.
  2. Inflation and checking of air pressure and tread depth on all tires.
  3. Reinstatement of center caps and lug nuts for re-installation to their original place.
  4. Disposal of old tires if required.

Why do you need a tire changeover?

There are several reasons why people may opt to changeover rather than buy an entirely new set of wheels. Here are the most common:

– They want to keep their existing wheels and tires for future use, or as spares.

– The vehicle only takes a certain type of wheel, like “mag style”, which is different from what’s found on aftermarket wheels.

– Having two sets of matching rubber tires instead of four makes rotating them easier.

– To save money without giving up all aspects of having aftermarket wheels.

Winter Tire Changeover

Winter Tire Changeover is a great thing to get your car ready for the upcoming season. Changing to winter tires is necessary for Canadian drivers because winter tires is the law in some of the provinces and locations. It’s also important to make sure your winter tires are in good condition before winter hits, so you can drive safely and avoid accidents. We recommend changing over to winter tires because it will give you much better traction on snow and ice. If you don’t have any yet, instaMek carries a wide range of quality winter tires that will help ensure safe driving conditions all winter long! You won’t regret making the switch from summer or all-season tires to our high-quality winter ones – they really do make a big difference when it comes to safety on slippery roads!

Why should you opt for instaMek Services for your vehicle?

  • Our professional mechanics have intensive knowledge of various tires and vehicles.
  • instaMek is known for its super fast response time and reliable service.
  • All our tire changing equipment are up to date and properly maintained to handle any situation.
  • Our expert technicians are extremely professional and at the same time, they are very polite and helpful.
  • Our rates are very reasonable and the cost estimates are given to you before the service so you do not face any unforeseen expense.
  • It is our objective to guarantee you a smooth sailing once we arrive and change your vehicle’s tires in no time.