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Front Drive Shaft Replacement at your home

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Front Drive Shaft Replacement Service

How much does a Front Drive Shaft Replacement cost?

It depends on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have. They provide you convenience by coming to your home or office.

What is the driveshaft?

The driveshaft sends the power (torque) produced by the engine to the front (front-wheel-drive), rear (rear-wheel-drive), or front as well as rear (Four wheel-drive) of the car as needed. A four-wheel-drive vehicle might have two driveshafts.

Keep in mind when replacing your front drive shaft

  • A four-wheel-drive vehicle might have two driveshafts and you might just need to change one of them.
  • A vehicle with customized elevation run a higher risk of having a damaged driveshaft.
  • When your driveshaft is changed, all other parts must be inspected for quality and the U-joints must be effectively lubricated.
  • In some vehicles, it is much more simple and budget friendly to change the whole driveshaft than to change a single part.
  • The mechanic will ensure that all U-joints are lubricated. This will certainly expand the life of your driveshaft.

Signs that you should replace your Front Drive Shaft

  • A clunking noise occurs when you accelerate or when you shift between reverse and drive.
  • Your car vibrates when driving.
  • You hear a squeaking noise when driving.

How it's done

  • The mechanic will remove and change your Front Drive Shaft.
  • They will then conduct a standard safety and security inspection.
  • Finally the mechanic will test drive your vehicle.

How important is this service?

A driveshaft transfers power from a car's transmission to its wheels. As the driveshaft gets damaged, it doesn't effectively transfer power to the wheels, which places unnecessary pressure on other parts of the vehicle can in turn cause even more damage. When the driveshaft ceases working completely, the vehicle will not have the ability to send out power to the wheels and you won't be able to drive.

Front Drive Shaft Replacement Reviews

Iain Rogers
Iain Rogers
22:36 27 May 20
My truck wouldn't start, and I knew it wasn't the battery. Booked an appointment online and the mechanic showed up quickly. He diagnosed the problem quickly and correctly, gave a fair quote right on the spot and explained everything. My starter was replaced and I'm back in business. I can't recommend highly enough. Also, definitely go for Instamek PRIME. It got me a good discount on my repair... and now I get maintenance service calls, and roadside more
03:23 14 May 20
Mek Waheed and his mechanic partner were excellent. Very friendly, and much more thorough than my last inspection, which was at a shop with a lift! They spent time with me afterwards explaining things in detail. Would definitely recommend this service.
Amanda Doucette
Amanda Doucette
21:23 11 May 20
The service was very easy to set up, they showed up right on time and provided excellent service. My oil change was super easy to have done while I sat on my couch. They even sanitized my keys for me before giving them back!
Michelle Sherif
Michelle Sherif
20:31 15 Nov 19
I recently got my brakes changed through instamek and had an awesome experience. The mechanic was prompt, friendly and professional. The best part was that I didn’t have to leave my house and was able to work from home and not take any time out of my day to go to the shop. I would highly recommend this service!
Cory Kwong
Cory Kwong
21:29 05 Jun 19
Service is excellent with good pricing. I actually went on the chat line on the website and directly chatted with the CEO! You might not believe it but I can confirm it's true. The best
de Rose
de Rose
16:33 23 Apr 19
Booked a PPI the same day and they sent an excellent mechanic who drove to the location to inspect the vehicle a few hours later. The mechanic, Hany, what a great guy. I'd definitely recommend this service to anyone.
Stewart Wyllie
Stewart Wyllie
21:10 22 Apr 19
We used instaMek twice for a pre purchase vehicle inspection within a few days over the Easter period, (all other mechanic shops were fully booked). Both technicians were very helpful and informative, which helped us make a decision on which vehicle to purchase. I highly recommend this company for their communication, attention to detail and customer focused approach. Spend the money on an... inspection, so you are aware of what work might be required or if you should avoid buying the vehicle all more

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