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CV Boot Replacement Service

How much does a CV Boot Replacement cost?

It depends on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have. They provide you convenience by coming to your home or office.

What is a CV boot?

The constant velocity (CV) joint sends power from the transmission to the wheels (typically the front wheels). The CV boot is a flexible rubber boot that protects the joint, preventing water and dirt out of the joint, and keep grease inside of the CV joint.

Signs of a bad CV boot

  • A grease leak Grease leaks are the most common symptoms of a damaged CV boot. With time, the rubber CV boot gets dry or breakable and ends up cracking or tearing. Holes in the CV boot can cause the grease within the boot to leak on the inside of the wheel. It’s also quite common for the grease to get flung onto the chassis or other parts of the bottom of the car as the CV axle turns.
  • Vibrations Another signs of a damaged CV boot is vibrating coming from under your car close to your wheels. SInce a broken boot can enable dirt, debris, and moisture to go into the CV joint, there may be damage to the CV joint as well which causes can cause vibrations. If you are experiencing vibrations, this usually means that your CV axle will also need to be replacing.
  • Car clicks during turns If the CV axle gets damaged as a consequence of a torn CV boot, it is likely that you’ll hear clicking sounds. Clicking sounds during turning is the sign of a serious problem, as it indicates that the CV joint has become loose. A clicking CV joint will need to be replaced since at that point, it’s usually past the point of being salvageable.

How to replace a bad CV boot

  • The mechanic verifies that the CV Boot needs to be changed. To do that, the car is elevated and sustained on jack stands and the wheel is gotten rid of.
  • The malfunctioning CV Boot is eliminated by taking off the axle as well as dismantling it to change the boot and tidy up the joint.
  • The brand-new CV Boot is set up by loading the joint with CV oil, reconstructing the axle, and attaching the brand-new boot.
  • The CV Boot is examined for procedure and the axle is reinstalled onto the car. The tire is mounted and the car is eliminated from the jack stands.
  • The car is tested on the road to guarantee correct procedure of the CV Boot as well as the axle.
  • Is it safe to drive with CV boot problems?

    It is possible to drive a vehicle with a torn CV boot, however, doing so will likely result in more damages that will ultimately need a lot more substantial repair work.

    CV Boot Replacement Reviews

    Doug Aason
    Doug Aason
    22:24 22 Sep 20
    I found Mohammad- from Instamek not just very thorough but very professional and knowledgeable about the whole inspection process. After the inspection he took the time to go through point by point on different Items all the different areas of the vehicle .... what it was he was looking at .... what the concerns for me might be and also what the potential cost would be to bring it up to standard... safety requirements.Needless to say it not only saved me the thousands of dollars it would’ve taken to purchase a vehicle but it saved an additional several thousand dollars in repairs that you couldn’t see or feel from driving the vehicle but that he was able to detect and explain to me.I would recommend in instamek and Mohammad- to anyone who is seriously thinking about purchasing a car and protecting their investment. I want to thank the professionalism that the Instamek team had from answering my call and the promptness, courtesy and commitment Mohammad- had and ensuring that I knew everything I had to know to give me confidence in moving ahead with the purchase or not. The big shout out to the Instamek team.Thanks for everything,Dougread more
    Charles Olson
    Charles Olson
    22:23 22 Sep 20
    First time user of this service. Waheed called to say he could stop by early. He's a clear communicator and was able to make a quick diagnosis on the problem. I definitely recommend him.
    Russell Byrd
    Russell Byrd
    23:49 21 Sep 20
    Glen was a delight to learn from and have come inspect my vehicles brakes. He gave honest, unbiased feedback, and was a straight shooter; a breathe of fresh air for the industry. Would highly recommend Glen for coming to your home to work on your vehicle!
    Derek Wruth
    Derek Wruth
    23:31 16 Sep 20
    Instamek is amazing and our mechanic is really friendly and good at his job. They come here and do the work without us having to make it to a shop. Definitely recommend!
    Brandon Barber
    Brandon Barber
    20:19 11 Sep 20
    My mechanic Jack Lai arrived on time, was very professional and got the job done very quickly! Highly recommend.
    James Forry
    James Forry
    16:03 08 Sep 20
    Mohamed was a huge help. A guy who knows his stuff. Highly recommend.
    L Ansley
    L Ansley
    02:50 02 Sep 20
    We got a Pre-Purchase Inspection done on a car we are giving to our son, as we wanted to know everything was safe and what needed to be done. Mohammed was the mechanic who did the inspection, the report was thorough and complete with nothing missed. Mo was very helpful, and explained everything. Highly recommended!

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