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Maintenance Service Packages Pricing

Look up the recommended service schedule for your vehicle, choose from one of the four maintenance packages below, then book your appointment.

We’ll handle the rest and send a certified mechanic to service your car wherever you are. Please note that shop supplies and a service fee are extra.

Service A



✓ Conventional engine oil and filter service (synthetic upgrade available)
✓ Check windshield wiper condition and operation
✓ Check horn function
✓ Inspect exterior lights
✓ Inspect tire condition and air pressures
✓ Check under hood fluids (visual)
✓ Visually inspect drive belts
✓ Top-up windshield washer fluid

Service B



Everything in SERVICE A, and:
✓ Tire rotation – all four tires
✓ Inspect air filter
✓ Inspect braking system – pad thickness, rotors, calipers, hoses, parking brake cables
✓ Inspect battery – test voltage, check condition, and connections
✓ Minor fuel and emissions service (fuel tank additive)
✓ Inspect and lubricate door latches and hinges
✓ Inspect operation of automatic transmission shift lock
✓ Check all engine compartment components for damage and leaks (visual)
✓ Inspect engine coolant level and condition, visually inspect system for leaks
✓ Inspect all seat belts for proper operation
✓ Inspect exhaust system
✓ Inspect steering system and suspension components (visual)
✓ Road test vehicle

Service C



Everything in SERVICE B, and:
✓ Service battery terminals and provide “State-of-Health” report
✓ Hot engine oil flush service
✓ Replace engine air filter
✓ Replace cabin air filter
✓ Inspect drive belt(s) condition and tension
✓ Inspect automatic transmission and differential for leaks (visual)
✓ Inspect manual transmission for leaks (visual) and check oil level
✓ Inspect drive shafts and CV joint boots
✓ Check all systems for fault codes and clear fault memory (if required)
✓ Inspect headlights and adjust/aim if required
✓ Check timing belt history and advise
✓ Various engines may require spark plug replacement at 96,000 km. Check and provide additional quote

Winterize Service



✓ Conventional engine oil and filter service
✓ Tire rotation or tire swap (mounted and balanced on rims already)
✓ Inspect braking system – pad thickness, rotors, calipers, hoses, parking brake cables
✓ Inspect battery – test voltage, check condition, and connections
✓ Block heater voltage test
✓ Winter spec washer fluid

instamek car

Regular Maintenance, Right on Your Driveway

Vehicle maintenance is the difference between keeping your car running smoothly and letting it wear out. Caring for your vehicle is critical for long-term, worry-free driving, but it’s not always convenient. Let us take the hassle out of servicing your ride by bringing the shop to you. Whether you’re at home, work, or out and about – our certified mechanics will come to you.

Give Your Car the Care It Deserves

Keep your vehicle in peak condition with regular maintenance at your convenience. A tune-up today means smooth driving and better gas mileage. Prevent unnecessary wear and breakdowns, especially during the winter months.

With instaMek, we come to you from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Saturday.



Book a Package

View our recommended vehicle maintenance package and schedule, then book a vehicle maintenance package online. It’s that easy!

A Professional Mechanic Arrives at Your Doorstep

Whether you’re at home, your office or out and about, a licensed auto mechanic will come to where you are armed with the tools and equipment to get the job done right the first time.

Pay with Ease

Paying is just as simple as our service. Pay with your credit card and be on your way.

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