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When We Began

When Asem and I first founded instaMek, we had no clue if this business would work. instaMek began when Asem and I recognized problems in the traditional automotive repair industry that we wanted to change, like an inconvenience, expensive towing and repair bills, and a lack of trust among consumers. While it sounded great in theory, as with many other things, theories don’t always translate into success.

Back then, we were young and in a hurry. I created our first website with evidently zero design skills and no eye to detail. We used the most basic tools available. Our logo and brand identity were created in a flurry of 15-minute thoughts. We only had one goal: to have something running.

We wanted to push forward with great service and happy customers, then gradually play “catch up” by refining various aspects of the business.

Now here we are, doing just that. Playing “catch up.”

Building the new instaMek

We’re older now, and an essentially different company. Our head office team has grown into a solid 11-person team. Our stellar team of mechanics has completed close to 3000 jobs. Perhaps the greatest sign of change is our new brand identity that we unveiled this week.

instaMek’s rebranding project has been weeks in the making, bringing together our marketing, design, and development teams to create a spanking new look that reflects our relentless energy and unending passion to be agile drivers of change.

The Logotype

Our new logotype evidently looks sharper, more polished, and professional. Our new color palette is a huge contrast to the old one, which contained nearly 80% orange. The new grey-blue immediately stands out as more mature and refined, yet fresh and forward-looking.

Our new logo features sharper lines with precise edges that gradually thicken as your eye sweeps over it, signifying movement and efficiency. The italicized text in our logotype also adds to the concept of speediness, once again alluding to our energy, ceaseless pursuit of efficiency, and passion to be agents of change. The wrench has also gotten a huge makeover—it is now less clunky and heavy.

We’ve been working on many great things here at instaMek and they’re just starting to come together at the same time. We’re excited to share how we’ve matured and grown as a company through our new brand identity and can’t wait to unveil the various projects we’ve been working on in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.

Uzair Ahmed,
President & Co-founder

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