Tips for Finding a Local Honda Mechanic

Finding a reliable and trustworthy car mechanic can be tough, let alone finding one that is an expert on and fully understand your make and model of car, like finding a honda mechanic. We’ve gathered some helpful tips and tricks to make finding a local mechanic that you can trust, easier.

Use Crowdfunding

Be sure to ask around to your family and friends and see who they use and trust. You can even post on social media like Instagram or Facebook and ask for trustworthy recommendations. You can also use sites like Google reviews, Yelp and Angie’s list to search for “ [local area] Honda mechanic “ and see what other people have said when visiting local mechanics. You can even use this to look into a specific mechanic to see what the reviews are like and what people are saying. Most of the time it can be very helpful to know what the experience has been like for others so that you can better evaluate if that mechanic is reputable or not, especially if you are searching for a specific mechanic, like a honda mechanic.

Find a local brand dealership

Finding a local brand dealership who specializes in your brand or make of car will definitely save you time, however it may not save you a ton of money. If you dig in and do a little bit of research you will most likely be able to find a local garage or shop that specializes in your certain make, for example a honda mechanic or antique BMW mechanic. If you find a shop, and experts that focus on and really know your type of car, you are more likely to have a better service or repair experience. They are more likely to have the best knowledge of the car and its parts, as well as the latest training, equipment and tools to repair or fix your vehicle.

Check with the Better Business Bureau

If you check with the Better Business Bureau, they will be able to give you a list of shops in your area that have had customer complaints. This may not be so helpful in finding trustworthy mechanics, but it will definitely tell you those which have had problems and you should stay away from.

Narrowing It Down + Choosing

Once you have made a list of a few local places, go ahead and drive over and check them out, before your car needs that repair. This way you can get a feel for the place yourself and see if you like it or not. Plus you will be able to tell if it’s truly convenient for you and your daily/weekly/monthly routine. Remember, you don’t want to be going that far out fo the way.
Another idea is to take your car there for smaller services like oil and filter changes, so you can better see and get a feel for their type and quality of work before you decide to take your car there for a major service or repair.

While you’re there be sure to ask about any warranties that are guaranteed and given on repair work. These can vary greatly and it’s definitely something you will want to keep in mind when making you final decision on big ticket repairs. It’s also good to ask or make a note of the shops certifications.