There are types of cars you want to purchase and you don’t just walk into any dealership around you. We are talking about very special cars that you may have to place an order for, specify your exact specifications, and then wait to have them delivered to you.

There are a few car brands that fit this bill and one such brand is McLaren. You can learn more about the quality of this brand here.

Why McLaren Automotive?

It is quite possible that some folks who drive “everyday” cars may not have heard of the McLaren brand. This is understandable since the McLaren brand does not carry any “ordinary” cars. In fact, the company is better known for designing and manufacturing cars regarded as supercars.

If you love sports cars, then you most certainly will have heard about or come in contact with one or more of the cars on this brand’s impressive list of supercars.

When McLaren Automotive was founded in 2010, it had a mandate of delivering a new model and design of cars every year. It’s been almost 20 years since then but we will only look at a few of the top cars to have been produced by this company.

1. The McLaren 540C Coupé

This is both a racetrack and a city car. With an impressive acceleration of 0-124mph in 10.5 seconds, it sure does pack a punch. This car is valued at about $1.6 million.

2. McLaren 570S

This is one of McLaren’s most popular sports cars. It features a 3.8liter twin-turbo V8 engine with a capacity for generating a toque of 443lb-feet and 562bhp. Just as with the legendary F1, it has an acceleration of 0-100mph in 6.3 seconds and 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. This car is valued at about $235,260.

3. McLaren 650s

This is a landmark model that took things to a whole new level. With an engine that delivers a torque of 500lb ft. and 641bhp, accelerating 0-60 in 2.9sec and 0-100mph in just 5.7sec, it indeed stood above the rest. Its value is put at about $255,191.

4. McLaren 675LT

This is the first of the McLaren LT (Longtail) series designed to be lighter, faster, and with more driver engagement. It features the M838TL 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine which can reach maximum speeds of about 205 mph with an acceleration of 0 to 62mph in 2.9 seconds. Only 500 of these were produced and all have been sold. The price started at $339,166.

5. McLaren 570GT

This model is regarded as one of the most luxurious and refined McLaren models. Designed for everyday use and long-distance drives, it focuses on passenger comfort over long drives as well as increased driving and fuel efficiency. The price for a new one is put at about $201,278.

6. McLaren 600LT

We jump straight to one of the latest offerings from the brand. This is a variation of the 570S redesigned for track-based efficiency. In keeping with the LT philosophy, it is lighter, faster, and offers more driver engagement. It features a Twin-turbo V8, 3,799cc engine that delivers a torque of 457lb-ft at 5,500rpm-6,500rpm, reaching top speeds of 204mph with an acceleration of 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds. The price for this car starts from around $240,000.

You can check out other great McLaren models here:

Factors to Consider When Choosing a McLaren Automotive Dealership

When you want to purchase a special car like a McLaren, you need to be sure of where you are getting it. Aside from the fact that these are really expensive cars, they are also very special cars that require special processes to acquire.

Given this, it is important that you place your order with the right dealership. How do you know the right dealership?

Let’s look at some important factors to consider while searching for a dealership from which to order your McLaren car.

Authorized Dealer

A McLaren is not a car you can just pick up at a roadside dealership. It is important that you ensure you are dealing with an authorized McLaren retailer. When you deal with an authorized retailer, you enjoy certain perks which include the best prices, after-sales service, and of course an assurance you are just a link away from the manufacturers.


Another very important consideration is the inventory that the dealership boasts of. Unless you have decided on the exact model of McLaren you want, you may want to keep your options open and look through what is available before making a final decision. Having options to choose from makes this a lot easier.


The location of the dealership is another thing you should consider. You do not want to deal with a dealership that is pretty much far from your location. The farther the dealership is from you, the more inconvenience it will be to deal with them over the course of owning the car. Look for a dealership close to you.


As we stated above, this is one of the reasons why you should place your order from an authorized McLaren dealership. The company stipulates the prices for its products and the retailers follow this plan. For example, the McLaren 600LT price range officially starts from around $240,000. It gets higher as you add more options. You are looking for a very competitive price and you can only get this from an authorized retailer.

Extra Services

What else does the dealership offer? Consider the little extras and services offered to make your purchase more comfortable. If you can, compare among different dealerships to find the one that offers you the best overall value.

Observing all of the above will help you find the right dealership so you can get and enjoy your McLaren car for years to come.

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