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Mobile Car Battery Replacement and Service

Serving Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver & Burnaby

If you have a dead battery – getting the car started to go the mechanic shop is going to be a little difficult to say the least. Not with instaMek – we will send over a technician to replace your battery right on site. 

What Is A Car Battery?

The battery is what the car uses as a source to provide electrical power to the entire car and all of the electrical components (e.g. the starter motor, alternator, lights, radio, etc.). And if the car's battery is not sufficiently charged or contains no charge, then none of the electrical components in the car will work and the car will not start. If you're battery seems to have lost its charge, a good way to test it or recharge it is to conduct a battery boost.

Common Signs And Symptoms That You Need To Replace Your Car Battery

  • Car is not starting
  • None of the electrical components work (e.g. the lights, radio, etc.)
  • Battery light is on
  • Clicking/struggling noise when trying to start the car

Installing a Car Battery

Depending on the vehicle, installing a battery be complicated or fairly straight foward. Having said that though – you’ve probably got better things to do than taking a cab to the parts store, coming back with the battery and dealing with the trouble in installing it. Book with our certified technician and we will come install the battery for you.

Battery Test & Maintenance Service

The battery terminals are a prime zone of rust, corrosion and the build up of acid which is a bunch of whitish blue crud. It can affect the health of the battery and the car starting up. We service the terminals with every battery replacement but you can also do it yourself with some baking soda and water. Just mix the water and baking soda to a consistency of a watery pancake batter and let it rest before wiping it clean.

Cost of A Car Battery

The total cost of a new battery with the install as a mobile service ranges typically from $150 to $300. The price depends on the size of the battery – generally the larger the engine the larger the battery. German vehicles usually have bigger batteries or batteries installed under the seat and the cost can go up to $600. Truck batteries are generally more expensive as well. 

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