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Engine Tune Up by a Mobile Mechanic

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Engine Tune Up by a Mobile Mechanic 


Don’t ruin an important event or trip before it even gets started. Whether you are going on vacation, to your office, your home or across the city, it’s important to keep your car maintained and running smoothly before you hit the road. At instaMek, we offer different maintenance services tailored to the needs of your car – and all from the comfort of your home or office.

Auto Tune Up Services

Our preventive maintenance services include everything your car needs to counter the normal wear and tear of its components. These services will help you prevent major problems in your ignition and fuel systems, extending the lifespan of your car. We offer a variety of Maintenance Packages that can be adjusted and scheduled to your vehicle’s needs. Send us your car’s information to get started and we will take care of the rest.


It turns out there is no pre-defined list of what should be included in a tune up so we make sure to be explicit as to what ours includes. Feel free to request or adjust the services to your liking.

Engine Tune Up Includes: Replacement of worn spark plugs, spark plug wires and coils Replacement of the car’s filters including the engine air filter, cabin air filter, and fuel filter Inspection and filling of fluids (oil,transmission, differential, etc).

The preventive maintenance of a vehicle is every driver’s responsibility, but you don’t always have to care of all the adjustments by yourself. Our certified mechanics at instaMek, have all the required tools and expertise to perform a car tune-up and leave your car as good as new. Whether you are at work, home or on the road, our Meks will be there to help you.

Tune Up Costs

The costs vary per vehicle and depend entirely on what you’re looking for. Spark plugs only can be between $100 to $200 with install and bigger tune up jobs can go all the way to $500-$700 – again this all depends on the type of vehicle. Call us at 1-888-507-3435 or request a quote online and we can give you an accurate quote!