instaMek Prime Terms & Conditions

What’s included in the membership

  • Assigned personal mechanic 
  • Unlimited Warranty on all parts except brake pads, rotors and tires.
  • One peace of mind inspection per year
  • One diagnostic service per year (need to be a member for at least 3 months first)
  • One Pre-Purchase Inspection per year (need to be a member for at least 1 year)
  • 50% off Maintenance Packages
  • 15% off repair work 
  • Unlimited service call fees (up to $29 per service call fee)
  • Free towing to a partner shop if we can’t fix vehicle on site (Max $150)
  • Access to member only benefits

Sign ups & Payments

  • Date of sign up will be the billing date
  • Payments will automatically be processed using credit card on file on the billing date. 
  • All subscriptions will be auto renewed unless cancelled 
  • No refunds or partial refunds will be processed for partial periods
  • Each membership is applicable for one vehicle only. Multiple vehicles will require multiple memberships. You can get a discount on further vehicles of 10% for the second and 20% on each additional vehicle
  • Memberships are transferable to another vehicle only once


  • We do not process cancellations over email. To make a cancellation client is required to call and speak with our membership team. 
  • To make a cancellation, we require a 1 month notice.

Towing Benefits

  • Towing is handled by our partner shops and we do not provide reimbursements for third party towing, unless an exception is made
  • The towing benefit is only applicable if the vehicle is towed to a partner shop, unless the service cannot be done by a partner shop.
  • The towing benefit is only applicable after a vehicle is diagnosed by instaMek. 
  • The towing benefit is not valid if the vehicle is repairable on site
  • The towing benefit is not valid in regions outside our operating regions.
  • The towing benefit has a maximum reimbursement value of $150

Other Discounts & Benefits

  • We do not allow backdating of discounts and benefits (i.e. discounts are only available from the time of sign up and any previous charges will still apply in full)
  • Diagnostics and/or inspections are not considered “repair work” and are charged at full price
  • Diagnostics are not the same as “Peace of mind” inspections. Diagnostics require troubleshooting and there might be an additional charge for them
  • No discounts on repair work if customer supplies parts
  • For service areas outside our region where the service call fee is greater than $29, the charge will be the difference between the normal charge for that particular region less $29
  • To qualify for the free diagnostic you need to be a member for at least 3 months
  • To qualify for the free pre-purchase inspection you need to be a member for at least a year
  • Unlimited Warranty is above and beyond the 1 year / 20,000 kilometer warranty that we provide with all our repairs. As long as your membership is active, all the repairs we do are covered under our warranty for parts only with a few exceptions. We will also only replace the parts if they need to be replaced as determined by the Mek and the fact they’re literally not functioning as designed. The exceptions are tires, brake rotors and pads – everything else like batteries is included in the warranty. The other exception is accident damage – if you get into an accident and physically damage your vehicle then the warranty doesn’t apply. Once the vehicle is sold, the warranty cannot be transferred to the next owner and if you cancel your prime membership you cannot get the warranty back if you sign up again.