instaMek Prime Terms & Conditions

What’s included in the membership

  • Assigned personal mechanic 
  • Two free “peace of mind” check-ups per year (50 point inspection, topping off fluids and tires)
  • 50% off Service Packages A, B or C
  • 15% off repair work 
  • Unlimited service call fees (up to $29 per service call fee)
  • Free towing to a partner shop if we can’t fix vehicle on site
  • Access to member only benefits

Sign ups & Payments

  • Date of sign up will be the billing date
  • Payments will automatically be processed using credit card on file on the billing date. 
  • For monthly subscriptions there will be 12 payments charged monthly on the day of the billing date. 
  • For annual subscriptions, there will be 1 payment per year charged on the day and month of the billing date
  • All subscriptions will be auto renewed unless cancelled 
  • No refunds or partial refunds will be processed for partial periods
  • Each membership is applicable for one vehicle only. Multiple vehicles will require multiple memberships 
  • Memberships are transferable to another vehicle 


  • We do not process cancellations over email. To make a cancellation client is required to call and speak with our membership team. 
  • For cancellations of monthly subscriptions, there is a 3 month period before a cancellation can be processed. 
  • To make a cancellation, we require a 1 month notice. 
    • For monthly subscriptions, there will be 1 more charge before a cancellation is made
    • For annual subscriptions, if the subscription is not cancelled 1 month before end of period, it will be automatically renewed and cancellation will be for the following year

Towing Benefits

  • Towing is handled by our partner shops and we do not provide reimbursements for third party towing, unless an exception is made
  • The towing benefit is only applicable if the vehicle is towed to a partner shop, unless the service cannot be done by a partner shop.
  • The towing benefit is only applicable after a vehicle is diagnosed by instaMek. 
  • The towing benefit is not valid if the vehicle is repairable on site
  • The towing benefit is not valid in regions outside our operating regions.
  • The towing benefit has a maximum reimbursement value of $150

Other Discounts & Benefits

  • We do not allow backdating of discounts and benefits (i.e. discounts are only available from the time of sign up and any previous charges will still apply in full)
  • Diagnostics and/or inspections are not considered “repair work” and are charged at full price
  • Diagnostics are not the same as “Peace of mind” inspections. Diagnostics require troubleshooting and there will be a charge for them. 
  • No discounts on repair work if customer supplies parts
  • For service areas outside our region where the service call fee is greater than $29, the charge will be the difference between the normal charge for that particular region less $29

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