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Valve Cover Gasket Leaking? Get an inspection at your home

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Valve Cover Gasket Leak Inspection Reviews

Sarah Burwood
Sarah Burwood
22:05 15 Sep 19
The service was prompt and professional and the diagnosis and repair very fast and well organised. Mohammed did a great job with next day phone follow up - thanks a lot.
Justin Alm
Justin Alm
23:54 25 Aug 19
Mohamed (Moe) worked on our car. We had another issue the day after he replaced some gaskets in our engine. He made the drive from Port Coquitlam to Vancouver on his day off to help get our car running again. He was very kind, transparent, and professional throughout the process.
Geo Cornelsen
Geo Cornelsen
22:43 02 Aug 19
When the company advertises experienced certified mechanics they are not overstating. Mohamed and his professional point by point diagnosis and demonstration of knowledge fully supports the company's assertions. Great Company and great Mechanic👍
Selina Lee-Andersen
Selina Lee-Andersen
07:51 02 Aug 19
I contacted instaMek to take a look at my car that wouldn't start. Mohamed came to do a diagnosis - he was prompt, helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Moe was able to get a replacement part right away and complete the repair on the same day. Not only is it convenient to have a mechanic come to you, but the service was great from the booking stage right through to the completion of the work. The text messages letting you know when the Mek is on the way, and the job reports provide the value-add. Highly recommended!read more
Gopal Johal
Gopal Johal
00:48 17 Jul 19
Jak from InstaMek did a great job. He was quick and thorough. I would recommend to anyone looking for a service.
James Goss
James Goss
02:46 13 Jul 19
This is for a pre purchase inspection.Jack did a great job, very well spoken and polite.
ItsLydia Mel
ItsLydia Mel
20:43 11 Jul 19
Such a great service! Great costumer service. The secretary was super helpful for a first time car buyer and Mohammed the guy that checked out the vehicle was also great! He arrived on time and explained everything I needed to know about the car in detail and was also super friendly. They literally checked out everything which I super appreciate. Highly recommend.

Valve Cover Gasket Leak Inspection

Are you seeing oil leaking from the top of your engine? Or are you smelling burning oil? The most likely cause is damage to the valve cover gasket. The first thing you should do is check your oil as you may have been losing oil for a while and it is never good to drive the vehicle if it is low on oil.

How much does a valve cover gasket leak inspection cost?

This is something that greatly varies on the type of vehicle. Most of the price originates from the labor involved for the job with parts typically ranging from $50 to $120. The job itself usually ranges between 1 hour to 3 to 4 hours depending on the vehicle.

How this system works

Commonly, the engine valve cover is the top most part of an engine and is labeled with either the name of the manufacturer or the size of the engine. A valve cover gasket is put in place because the metal of the valve cover does not seal tightly enough against the metal of the top of the engine. The cork material or rubber of the valve cover gasket safeguards a good seal, and helps stop oil from spilling out of the top of the engine.

Valve cover gaskets unusually last the life of a vehicle and must be monitored at the time of every service. For vehicles with four-cylinder engines, checking for oil around the valve cover is especially important because of an increased chance that oil could leak into spark plug tubes, causing misfires.

Oil leaks can cause damage to any engine and must immediately be dealt with.

Common causes of valve cover gasket leaks

  • Blown Valve Cover Gaskets: The tremendous heat an engine produces can result in valve cover gaskets to become brittle and break down over time.
  • Damaged Valve Covers: A mechanic must also inspect your valve cover(s) to make sure they are still intact when replacing your valve cover gasket. Damage to a valve cover could also result to an oil leak.

What to expect during a valve cover gasket leak service

A certified mechanic will come to your home or office to pinpoint the cause of the oil leak and confirm that the valve cover gasket requires replacement. The mechanic will then run a detailed inspection report outlining the cause of the leak and the cost of any repairs that need to be made.

How it's done

A mechanic will perform a in-depth examination of the engine bay and determine the source of the leak. The mechanic will remove the valve cover and gasket if the source seems to be coming from the valve cover gasket. Different engines require different gaskets. Our mechanics will make sure they find the one that matches your vehicle exactly. A poorly-fitting gasket will not be able to do its job as effectively. After installing the new gasket, the mechanic will inspect the valve cover to ensure it is fully intact. If not, the mechanic will replace the valve cover and check the engine oil level. Your vehicle might be low on oil if your engine sprung oil leak due to a damaged valve cover. Our mechanics will make sure your oil is topped-off before they leave. The mechanic should then start the engine and inspect the valve cover gasket again to make sure it was installed properly and is not leaking.

How important is this service?

While a small oil spill may not seem like a major issue, it can lead to both potentially costly and potentially dangerous repairs. A practical approach in maintaining the life of an engine must include a check for oil around the valve cover. A mechanic can make the essential repairs and avoid more significant engine issues if oil leaks are found early. Oil leaks of any kind should be taken seriously and should be reported to a mechanic.

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