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Spark Plug Repair Service

Spark Plug Repair Cost

Spark Plug Repair costs between $100 to $200, which includes installation. This cost depends on the make and model of your vehicle.

What do Spark Plugs do?

Spark plug are a significant part of your vehicle’s ignition system. They ignites the air and gasoline inside the engine that gives it the power to propel you down the road. High voltage electricity from the ignition coil is passed through the spark plug that creates a spark during the combustion cycle of the engine. It provides an ideal mix of fuel economy, power and low emissions to the engine. But the electrode at the end of the plug can wear out eventually causing issues in performance.

How often do Spark Plugs need to be replaced?

Spark plug repair should follow the maintenance schedule of the vehicle. It is ideal to replace the spark plugs every 50,000 kms in most of the vehicles. It is possible in a few cases that a spark plug can fail even before the service schedule, but that is rare.

It is always good that you repair the spark plug wires at the same time, otherwise you can experience problems like engine misfires.

Symptoms of Bad Spark Plugs:

  • Your car won't start.
  • Your check engine light is on.
  • Your engine misfires.
  • Reduced power or fuel economy
  • Unexplained engine vibration
  • Failed emission testing.

Even if only one plug is bad, spark plug repair is essential. Note that most engines need to have 4 to 8 spark plugs so they require 4,6, or 8 spark plugs.

How to change spark plugs:

Spark plugs are threaded into the cylinder head of the engine. Usually cars have one plug per cylinder therefore a four cylinder engine have four plugs and so forth. Your expert mechanic will check the following to initiate a spark plug repair:

  • Make sure they have the correct spark plugs on hand for your specific vehicle.
  • Diagnose the trouble codes which might be associated to the worn out spark plugs.
  • Disconnect the original spark plug and check for any clues like engine misoperations, pre-ignition damage, and oil burning.
  • Use a torque wrench to install new plugs.
  • Finally, they will run a road test of the vehicle to confirm normal operations.

Is it safe to drive with worn spark plugs?

It is safe but severely worn out plugs have the capability to cause damage to the engine and overheating of the catalytic converter. Regardless of the mileage or age of the plug, if the engine runs poorly, you need to inspect for defects in the plug. Mostly, failure in spark plug does not keep the engine from running but in the situation where the wear down is extreme, you may come across a limitation in the speed at which you drive. If the schedule of maintenance says that the spark plug repair has to be done, it is recommended to do it immediately.

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