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Serpentine Belt Repair Service

How much does a Serpentine Belt repair cost?

The cost for replacing the serpentine belt varies on the vehicle but is usually between $100 to $350.

What is a serpentine belt?

The serpentine belt, also called the alternator belt, accessory belt or drive belt, is what connects the engine’s output shaft to the alternator. You’ll notice cracking and fraying if your belt is wearing out, which is a sign that it should be changed.

When to replace your car's serpentine belt

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance. Normally, belt manufacturers recommend belt replacement at 140,000 km. However, the belt must be examined for wear or damage at regular intervals prior to this high mileage.
  • Squealing noise, visible belt damage, belt slippage. You may hear noise or you may see visible signs of deterioration such as missing chunks of rubber, excessive cracking, or a shredded appearance on the edge of the belt if the belt fail or wear out prematurely.
  • Battery Light On. A loose belt, possibly caused by a defective tensioner, may not drive the alternator at sufficient speed and thus the battery may discharge, causing the warning light to light up.
  • Engine overheating. Often, the serpentine belt powers the water pump. In those applications, the engine will overheat in seconds to minutes if the belt breaks. If the belt is inadequately tensioned, you may notice higher-than-normal engine operating temperature.

How do mechanics replace the serpentine belt?

  • Before removing the belt, the mechanic must run the engine to regulate if the idler pulley and the belt tensioner are noise-free. Those rotating components have grease filled bearings and are subject to breakage. Moreover, the mechanic will guarantee that all pulleys and accessories are turning in the same plane. These steps help assure your new belt will operate trouble-free for its full-service life.
  • The belt’s routing path through the various components is noted. The belt tensioner is released, usually with a lever or wrench, to relieve the tension from the belt. With the tension gone, the belt slides off the pulleys.
  • All rotating components — that is the air conditioner compressor, alternator, etc. — are inspected for smooth operation and no noise.
  • If everything checks out, the new belt is installed all of the pulleys while holding the tensioner away from the belt. The tensioner is released and the installation is complete once the belt is centered on all pulleys. The engine is run to ensure normal operation.

Is it safe to drive with a serpentine belt problem?

No. If the belt has visible damage, you risk sudden and unexpected breakage that could possibly leave you stranded. Serpentine belt problems that result in the alternator not charging may cause the battery to discharge, resulting in loss of electrical power to the vehicle. Furthermore, if a worn out belt breaks and that belt drives the water pump, the engine will overheat in a matter of seconds.

Serpentine Belt Repair Reviews

Maciek Sokulski
Maciek Sokulski
23:44 14 Jan 19
Second time with InstaMek. After my alternator belt snapped, I contacted InstaMek, and with in an hour Alex was at my place with all the necessary parts. In the next hour my car was fixed and ready to go. I was impressed with communication, quick and convenient service. Good people, great service, very highly recommended.Alex was on time and inspected the car. Gave me great advice on... possible fixes. The communication with the company is outstanding. It's both emails and text, and in this digital world it is very welcoming. I knew exactly when the mechanic would arrive and if there were any issues when arriving late. Absolutely outstanding and convenient service. I'm will definitely call on them more
Allen Kumar
Allen Kumar
14:32 05 Mar 18
The service and convenience are HEAVEN!!!My wife dripped off our kids at the arena for a hickey game. As she was parking, there were funny jerks. Thankfully she was able to park. But the car was not starting. She took the kids to the hockey game. While watching the game, she called instamek and left he keys at the information desk for the mechanic. 4 hours later after the warm up, the game,... and dressing the kids, my wife and the kdis walked to the parking to the now fully functioning vehicle. Here is a list of what they did (skme of the work was elevtive as i had asked for it)1) diagnostics2) new sparks plus3) new engine starter4) changed engine oil5) 4 break pads and rotars6) my passenger head lamp (broken from before)7) new battery8) new beltMy wife didnt even meet the mechanic. She disnt even leave the arena. Everything was explained and oid for via the phone call. My next plan is to have my yearly tune ups done while I’m at costco, the gym, or work!!!Thanns guysread more
Henry L
Henry L
05:23 20 Aug 17
Had a great experience. The team was well organized, responsive, and extremely helpful. The mechanic arrived on time and was very professional and knowledgeable. My timing belt and alternator was replaced and I'm very happy with the quality of work done. The experience was truly hassle free as promised.

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