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Check Engine Light inspection at your home

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Check Engine Light Service

The Check Engine Light can mean a number of things, and be as serious as a malfunctioning catalytic converter or as trivial as a loose gas cap.

How much does a check engine light inspection cost?

It depends on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have. They provide you convenience by coming to your home or office.

What does the check engine light mean?

The Check Engine Light location and color will vary by vehicle, but in most cases it is a dashboard warning light that is yellow and shaped like an engine. This indicator is part of the onboard diagnostics system and indicates a problem with your emissions system.

A Check Engine indicator will either stay solid or blink.

  • If the indicator is blinking, the situation is usually serious, such as a severe misfiring of the engine. This would allow unburned fuel to dump into the exhaust system, pushing the temperature of your catalytic converter to the breaking point. Slow the car down, find a safe place to stop, and request a mechanic to perform a diagnosis.
  • A steady light on the other hand is not an emergency situation. You can continue driving, but you should schedule an appointment with a mechanic as soon as possible.

Common reasons for the check engine light to turn on

While a Check Engine Light can illuminate for a variety of reasons, in many cases it is because of one of the following issues:
  • Loose or broken gas cap. It's unbelievable that a gas cap can trigger your check engine light to turn on, but it can. Your gas cap serves as the seal for your fuel system and it helps in maintaining the pressure in your fuel tank. A broken cap can decrease your gas mileage and boost discharges from your car.

    When the engine light turns on, pull over and check your gas cap. If it is loose, a fast tighten should fix the issue. If it is damaged, head to your local auto parts store for a new one. As soon as you have repaired the concern, proceed driving to see if the check engine light switches off. If the light remains on, arrange an appointment with a technician.

  • Defective oxygen sensor. An oxygen sensor keeps tracks of the exhaust for unburned oxygen, which indicates engine efficacy and the correct air-to-fuel ratio. If you have a defective sensor, it will not provide the proper data to the onboard computer. Most vehicles have two to four sensors. The OBD II code will inform the technician which one is giving a reading that is beyond its parameters.

    Deterioration of the precious metals inside the oxygen sensor impacts the sensors' capability to provide precise reading. If you delayed changing an oxygen sensor, it will eventually harm your catalytic converter, which can be extremely expensive to change. Your best option is to call a technician and get a proper diagnosis.

  • Failing catalytic converter. A catalytic converter helps in reducing the discharges in the exhaust gases. IT converts the carbon monocxide and other hazardous gases into less damaging emissions. A failing converter will adversely affect your gas mileage and when the damage ends up being severe enough, your vehicle will not go any faster when you push down harder on the gas pedal.

    In many cases, a catalytic converter wil not stop working if you correctly preserve your car. A failing converter can be the result of a defective oxygen sensor that has not been changed or any other engine efficacy issue. A damaged catalytic converter will eventually bring your car to a complete stop. Before that, your gas mileage will be horrible, the car will not run efficiently, and will also not pass an emissions test. A broken converter should be replaced instantly.

  • Defective mass airflow sensor This part directs the computer in your vehicle to include the appropriate quantity of gas based on the air that is coming through the engine. When a mass airflow sensor begins to stop working, the car will stall, it will idle badly, the emissions will increase, and your gas mileage will decrease. An air filter that has never been changed or incorrectly installed can sometimes be the culprit when it comes to a faulty mass airflow sensor. Have your air filter examined and changed on an annual basis. While it is feasible to drive for months with a malfunctioning mass airflow sensor, it's not such a great idea. Your gas mileage will go down and the car will certainly begin stalling regularly. It is best to call a technician and have the sensor diagnosed and changed if needed.
  • Poor conditioned spark plugs and wires. A spark plug provides the void for the spark that triggers combustion in the engine. Spark plugs normally deteriorate over time: while more recent cars can go 160,000 km on a set of plugs, older vehicles, particularly those developed before 1996, need brand-new plugs roughly every 50,000 miles. If spark plugs are your problem, your car may stall, have trouble starting in the morning, have high fuel intake, or have trouble speeding up. Get them changed right away; a technician can make fast work of the job and new plugs in many cases are extremely budget-friendly.

What to expect during a check engine light inspection service

A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to determine the source and reason for the brightened Check Engine Light, and then inspect other system components as particular symptoms and problems are identified.

After the examination, the mechanic will provide a detailed report that explains the diagnosis together with the range and expense of the needed repair services.

How it's done

When the Check Engine Light is on, your car's monitoring system will have "fault codes" that indicate the nature of the problem. Your car may have several issues and for this reason, there can be numerous codes. The mechanic will check out the codes using a scanner, analyze the codes, and give a diagnosis. If you accept the repair estimate, they will change the defective part, clear the memory of any fault codes, turn the Check Engine Light off, and allow you drive the car for a couple of days to see if the light returns on or not.

Please note: It may take a number of days of driving the car for the monitoring system to confirm that the repair has dealt with all the problems. If the monitoring system fails any of its interior examinations, it will switch the lights back on. This implies that the car has more issues that were not apparent throughout the initial assessment. The mechanic will have to perform further diagnosis and create new repair estiates for fixing the problems discovered. Although it's unusual, several visits may be needed to identify and resolve the persistent Check Engine Light issues.

How important is it to get an inspection when the check engine light is on?

A blinking Check Engine Light shows a critical problem, whereas a solid light indicates a non-emergency situation. Once you rule out that it is due to loose gas caps, it's important to have a mechanic diagnoses the issue immediately.

Check Engine Light Inspection Reviews

David Fraser
David Fraser
23:05 06 Mar 19
My wife’s car would start but stall at traffic lights. My best guess after checking battery and belts was that I’d require a new alternator. For the cost of a tow, the instamek mechanic diagnosed problem and got the car running. The technician Jack found a faulty sensor, cleaned the contacts and my wife is now happy once more. Very courteous and thorough service. No doubt I’ll be using them in the more
arvind dhanabalan
arvind dhanabalan
23:27 25 Jul 18
Booked a pre purchase inspection ... Got the report they said everrhing was good..2 days later i get the check engine light... can't believe they didn't report the P0456 - Evaporative Emissiom System - Small leak ..which I found using my bluetooth obd tool, not sure how they didn't check for codes during the inspection. Not a happy customer.Edit :They gave me a call and have offered to diagnose the issue if the check engine light came back. Definitely great customer more
Anthony Wong
Anthony Wong
17:32 06 Jun 18
I used InstaMek for a mobile vehicle inspection to check out a used car I was interested in buying. When booking the appointment the rep on the phone was polite and professional and followed up very promptly with an email quote. After approving the quote I received a confirmation via SMS and email. Because the original time slot I wanted was no longer available, Joey from InstaMek called the seller and arranged a new time with the seller and then notified me by text message.On the day of the appointment I received an SMS that Jack, the "Mek", was on his way. The seller said he showed up on time and was friendly. I received the inspection report about an hour after the work was finished. Wow! The report had a lot of details and pictures, and good explanations of any concerns (with pictures to highlight).I also received a text message and a follow-up phone call from InstaMek to make sure I was satisfied with their service. I can whole-heartedly say YES! These guys are friendly, have great communication, and provide a comprehensive service at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to get a vehicle inspection to call these guys!read more
Boris Barg
Boris Barg
04:14 23 May 18
Mohamad was great, he came to check an electrical issue with my brake lights. He was very professional and able to locate the problem quickly and offer me a solution that didnt involve turning the job into an expensive mess. thank you very much!
Rosario OT
Rosario OT
01:11 15 May 18
I was in the market for a used car. Even though I used to repair cars, they have changed so much, I will not buy a car without getting it inspected. However, it is challenging to try to coordinate with buyer, taking a car into a shop for a pre-purchase inspection. BCAA no longer does mobile inspections. I found InstaMek online. I love they have an A+ Better Business rating. So I used them for my pre-purchase inspection. It was easy to book, they communicated with me effectively the whole time. Report was very thorough. With taxes and travelling fee, it was slightly more than I was expecting, but in the end it was very worth it. I'd use them again for more
Davin Heikkinen
Davin Heikkinen
21:03 23 Apr 18
Omar is awesome! Very honest, friendly and efficient. I was in Vancouver visiting from out of town and in a tough spot when my brakes gave out - this team helped me professionally from the initial call I made, to watching Omar’s tail lights leave the parking lot! A great option if you’re repairs are not too extreme and a “Mek” can come out to help! I would use them again. I wish Omar and the rest of the InstaMek team health and more
16:51 19 Sep 16
I own a Porsche and got the dreaded blinking check engine symbol. I parked my car and begun the search for the right mechanic. Although I have been using the same mech for 2 years since I moved to Calgary, I was tired of driving all the way to the SE from the NW and waiting for hours at his shop since he basically did everything himself.I heard of Instamek through google. After self diagnosing the issue myself by using my own code scanner, I asked them for a quote. That was my first shock. It was hundreds of dollars less than what mechanic would charge. They adviced me to repair the simple cheap issues first and hope the problem goes away. My Instamek was punctual, well dressed and knowledgeable. 3 cheap fixes later, my Porsche is back!! I will always use Instamek and always request for the same mechanic. I am highly more

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