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Car Engine Overheating Inspection at your home

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Car Engine Overheating Inspection Service

Your car engine can overheat due to several reasons. Sometimes the fault is minor like engine overuse, and sometimes it can be very significant like mechanical failure. If the temperature warning indicator light is flashing then it is essential to stop driving your vehicle and cool the engine down as soon as possible before the point of no return is reached.

How much does a Car Engine Overheating Inspection cost?

It depends on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have. They provide you convenience by coming to your home or office.

How the car cooling system works:

Every car has a system that circulates coolant through the engine to absorb heat produced by the engine. The hot liquid is then air-cooled to dissipate the heat, and the process is constantly repeated. If any component in the cooling system stops working, serious engine damage can occur.

Components of the cooling system:

  • Radiator: This is where coolant is cooled down. After the coolant has moved through the engine, it is air-cooled the small, thin, flat tubes of the radiator. The cooled liquid is then passed through the engine again
  • Radiator hoses: These hoses move coolant from one component to another. Hoses become brittle and crack due to heat and pressure in the cooling system and need to be regularly replaced.
  • Water pump: The water pump pushes coolant through the system. Most are belt driven, except for those few in some hybrids and high-performance vehicles that are electric.
  • Thermostat: The thermostat controls the flow of coolant depending on its temperature. When the engine is idle, it holds the coolant in the engine until it is up to temperature. The thermostat then permits normal coolant flow to the radiator where it gets cooled. This keeps car engine overheating away
  • Cooling fan: This fan is used for drawing air through the radiator when the vehicle isn't moving fast enough to force it through naturally. Fans can be electric or belt-driven and only operate when needed. The cooling fan is not in use during cooler ambient temperatures or when the vehicle is running at speed.
  • Fan switch: The fan switch is a temperature sensor that tells the electric fan when to turn on and off.

Causes of Car engine overheating:

A Car Engine will overheat when the cooling system is not working properly. This is usually caused by:

  • Low coolant levels: If the coolant level running in your system is not sufficient, then heat will build up in your engine walls and consequently, the engine will overheat. If the coolant level is low, then leaks must be identified.
  • Faulty cooling fan: A cooling fan draws air through your radiator when your car is moving at low speeds, such as in slow-moving traffic. A simple way to diagnose whether there is a problem with the fan is to let your car idle long enough to heat up. Then, look under the hood to see if it is running. If it's not, book an appointment with one of our certified mechanics.
  • Faulty thermostat: If your car regularly overheats at fast speeds, get the thermostat inspected by a mechanic.
  • Clogged coolant passageways: Your car’s radiator and cooling system need to be clean function properly. Over time, the radiator builds solid deposits that can clog it and prevent the coolant from circulating properly. A quick, inexpensive radiator flushevery year can keep the system in shape.

What to expect:

A certified mechanic will arrive at your desired location to inspect the entire cooling system and determine the source and cause of the overheating issue. The mechanic will then provide a detailed inspection report that includes the scope and cost of the necessary repairs for car engine overheating.

How it's done:

Our certified mechanic will check for any fault codes in the car’s onboard computer system. They will check the entire cooling system, looking closely for leaks and any mechanical damage. Furthermore, the mechanic will also check for any indication of major internal issues. After inspecting the entire cooling system and finding the source of overheating, the mechanic will provide a detailed inspection report that includes the scope and cost of the necessary repairs.

Car Engine Overheating Inspection Reviews

Justin Alm
Justin Alm
23:54 25 Aug 19
Mohamed (Moe) worked on our car. We had another issue the day after he replaced some gaskets in our engine. He made the drive from Port Coquitlam to Vancouver on his day off to help get our car running again. He was very kind, transparent, and professional throughout the process.
Telina Chomey
Telina Chomey
22:35 24 Dec 18
Alexey came to check out my none starting car. He was easy to talk to and explained what he was doing. He told me my engine was done, but told me he'd keep trying other things just in case. Nothing worked, but I appreciated the extra effort. He explained what was wrong with it and what the noises my car was making meant. Alexey also gave me some insight on things I could do with the car since it... is now a very big paperweight.I've already told my friends about them, the fair price range and their ability to work on things (when possible) wherever your car is. 10/10 would more
Janelle Train
Janelle Train
15:36 01 Jun 18
From the very start of the process instaMek were great. They were able to send quotes through almost instantly and were great at communicating. The service we received from our mechanic was exceptional! We would definitely use instaMek again and would definitely recommend them to our family and friends. We had one particular issue we wanted assessed and our instaMek diagnosed that and then spent... the rest of the hour checking everything else in the engine was working how it should. Definitely felt like we got our money worth and the service was great!read more
Hazem Alsaadi
Hazem Alsaadi
14:32 05 Mar 18
The service and convenience are HEAVEN!!!My wife dripped off our kids at the arena for a hickey game. As she was parking, there were funny jerks. Thankfully she was able to park. But the car was not starting. She took the kids to the hockey game. While watching the game, she called instamek and left he keys at the information desk for the mechanic. 4 hours later after the warm up, the game,... and dressing the kids, my wife and the kdis walked to the parking to the now fully functioning vehicle. Here is a list of what they did (skme of the work was elevtive as i had asked for it)1) diagnostics2) new sparks plus3) new engine starter4) changed engine oil5) 4 break pads and rotars6) my passenger head lamp (broken from before)7) new battery8) new beltMy wife didnt even meet the mechanic. She disnt even leave the arena. Everything was explained and oid for via the phone call. My next plan is to have my yearly tune ups done while I’m at costco, the gym, or work!!!Thanns guysread more
Rebecca Verveda
Rebecca Verveda
19:16 30 Mar 17
My brakes gave out on me. These guys came and replaced my breaks/pads and checked my engine the same day for an extremely reasonable price. I am thoroughly impressed with their service, professionalism and would (and have) recommend them to anyone.
16:51 19 Sep 16
I own a Porsche and got the dreaded blinking check engine symbol. I parked my car and begun the search for the right mechanic. Although I have been using the same mech for 2 years since I moved to Calgary, I was tired of driving all the way to the SE from the NW and waiting for hours at his shop since he basically did everything himself.I heard of Instamek through google. After self diagnosing... the issue myself by using my own code scanner, I asked them for a quote. That was my first shock. It was hundreds of dollars less than what mechanic would charge. They adviced me to repair the simple cheap issues first and hope the problem goes away. My Instamek was punctual, well dressed and knowledgeable. 3 cheap fixes later, my Porsche is back!! I will always use Instamek and always request for the same mechanic. I am highly more
Arshad Mehmood
Arshad Mehmood
21:49 25 Oct 15
i bought BMW was not starting up i was upset might be engine problem if i take it to shop first of all i pay for towing plus diagnose test but i called instaMek they send me one mechanic at my place he told me the problem then he left after they send me an other awesome mechanic Hany he fix the problem i am very happy on this service my car is back on the road with very little money they saved... my time and money God bless themread more

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