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Brake Pad Replacement Service

Few of us think about our brakes on a daily basis, but they are a critical component of a car and can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency. Proper maintenance and a quick response to warning signs will ensure that your car will stop every time you hit the brakes.

How much does does it cost to replace brake pads?

We offer transparent pricing and brake pads for every budget. Brake pad cost is typically between $65 to $75 depending on your vehicle. We carry basic budget conscious brake pads to high-end performance pads to fleet pads for heavy duty use. Call us or get an online quote for your brake pad replacement that fits your budget and needs.

What are brake pads and how do they work?

Brake pads contain friction material that's bonded to a sturdy steel backing plate. When you push on the brake pedal, then the friction material onto the brake pads is pushed against the outer and inner surfaces of the steel brake rotor under enormous pressure. The resulting friction causes the wheels on your vehicle to slow quickly allowing for a fast, secure and controlled stop. After tens of thousands of kilometers, then this conductive material finally wears away, and the brake rotor wears away as well, requiring replacement.

When to replace brake pads?

Here are several signs that you need new brake pads:

  • Wear indicator on vehicle dashboard. Most newer cars today have electronics built into the brake pad and when the pad is at a point that it needs to be replaced, a symbol will appear on your vehicle dashboard’s instrument cluster. Consult your owner’s manual to learn what the symbol looks like.
  • High pitched squeal when braking. When the friction material on the pads is worn close to the backing plate, you may hear a squealing or squeaking noise as you drive regardless of whether you are applying the brakes or not. That squealing or squeaking noise is designed to make you aware that the brake pads are getting low and need to be inspected.
  • Grinding noise when braking. If all of the friction material on the brake pad has been worn away, you will hear grinding and scraping noises when you apply the brakes. Pad replacement is mandatory at this point and the vehicle is unsafe to drive until corrected.
  • Brake pedal pulsation or vehicle vibration.
  • Vehicle pulling or wandering on braking. If your car pulls to the right or left during braking, that could be a sign of a sticking brake caliper, misalignment of the suspension, and sometimes tire defects or uneven tire inflation from side-to-side. The mechanic who inspects your vehicle will determine if new brake pads alone will resolve the issue or if other repairs are needed.
  • High mileage on existing pads. Every 16,000 km, a mechanic should measure the thickness of the remaining friction material on the brake pads and perform a thorough visual inspection of the braking system.
  • Brake system warning lights and/or maintenance reminder messages. Should your brake system warning light ever illuminates, or a brake system related maintenance reminder message appears in the driver information display, have your vehicle inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

How do mechanics replace brake pads?

Normally, pad replacement requires these steps:

  • Confirm the thickness of the remaining friction material on the brake pads. If the remaining friction material is less than 2 mm in thickness, pad replacement is warranted.
  • Visually inspect the brake rotor surface that contacts the pad (for scoring, pitting, grooves, rust) and measure the brake rotor with precision tools for thickness variation, run-out and warpage.
  • Inspect the caliper, torque plate, pads, and rotors to determine if the caliper is operating freely (i.e., inspect for stuck calipers).
  • Install new pads and any additional recommended components (e.g., rotors, if rotors depart from OEM specifications) only with customer approval of course.
  • Lubricate brake system components, such as caliper sliding pins, and inspect the condition of the brake fluid. Top off brake fluid as required.
  • Perform a basic 50 point safety inspection of your vehicle.
  • Finally, the mechanic will test drive your vehicle to confirm normal operation of the brake system.

Is it safe to drive with a brake pad problem?

When it comes to the brakes on your car, always err on the side of caution and have a mechanic check your brake pads and braking system at the very first sign of a problem. Further driving is not recommended and you should request service at your earliest convenience when any of the following conditions exist:

  • stopping distances are much greater than what you are accustomed to
  • the brake pedal is not firm or is low
  • there is loss of braking power assist
  • the vehicle pulls severely to one side on braking
  • the brake system warning light is on

Should you detect unusual noises, such as squealing or grinding, but stopping distances are close to everything you're used to, and the brake pedal is firm, and there are no warning lights, it may be safe to proceed to your destination but schedule service at your earliest convenience.

Keep in mind when replacing brake pads:

Brake pads must always be replaced as a set, that is both wheels (driver and passenger side) on an axle, front or rear, must be serviced. If brake pads on only one side of the car were replaced, your car might pull to one side when you apply the brakes. Often, resurfacing or replacement of the brake rotors is also necessary and a competent mechanic will always measure for wear and damage to the brake rotors and advise you as to whether rotor replacement or re-surfacing is also needed.

Brake Pad Replacement Reviews

Y Tsukagoshi
Y Tsukagoshi
01:45 15 May 19
i called Instamek at 10AM to arrange a pre-purchase inspection for a 2008 Toyota that i liked at a dealership.Kyle answered my call and helped me to set up an appointment with the dealer the same day AT 3PM .Their mechanic Mohamed arrived on time and did a detailed inspection which revealed worn suspension and rear brake pads worn out.i was able to negotiate with the dealer and drop the price... accordingly.I got a quote for the repair by Kyle and Mohamed came to my home the same weekend and did the repair as quoted .i like my new Toyota.Excellent experience from start to finish.. thank youread more
Quinn Henney
Quinn Henney
03:00 01 Mar 19
Moe was excellent. Changed all 4 brake pads, calipers, and rotors in a timely and effective matter. Overall, pricing for the service I received was very fair.
Darleen Collins
Darleen Collins
19:50 16 Jan 19
I found Wrench Patrol on Google. Their website communicated their services well. The fact they are mobile is fantastic. I called them and the fellow was very pleasant and helpful. They also scheduled the appointment with the vehicle Owner (Seller) and I had the option of being present for the Inspection or not. Since the vehicle was at least 30 minutes away, I opted not to go but let the... Mechanic handle it. Very convenient for both Buyer and Seller. The Report arrived via email shortly after the inspection and was very easy to read and thorough. Brake pads will need replaced within the next 6 months and a leaky inner cv boot was indicated. This was critical information in helping us with our purchase. I would definitely use and recommend their service again. Thank you more
Hazem Alsaadi
Hazem Alsaadi
14:32 05 Mar 18
The service and convenience are HEAVEN!!!My wife dripped off our kids at the arena for a hickey game. As she was parking, there were funny jerks. Thankfully she was able to park. But the car was not starting. She took the kids to the hockey game. While watching the game, she called instamek and left he keys at the information desk for the mechanic. 4 hours later after the warm up, the game,... and dressing the kids, my wife and the kdis walked to the parking to the now fully functioning vehicle. Here is a list of what they did (skme of the work was elevtive as i had asked for it)1) diagnostics2) new sparks plus3) new engine starter4) changed engine oil5) 4 break pads and rotars6) my passenger head lamp (broken from before)7) new battery8) new beltMy wife didnt even meet the mechanic. She disnt even leave the arena. Everything was explained and oid for via the phone call. My next plan is to have my yearly tune ups done while I’m at costco, the gym, or work!!!Thanns guysread more
Rebecca Verveda
Rebecca Verveda
19:16 30 Mar 17
My brakes gave out on me. These guys came and replaced my breaks/pads and checked my engine the same day for an extremely reasonable price. I am thoroughly impressed with their service, professionalism and would (and have) recommend them to anyone.

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