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Brake Fluid Flush at your home

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Brake Fluid Flush Service

How much does a brake fluid flush cost?

It depends on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have. They provide you convenience by coming to your home or office.

What is a brake system flush?

Brake fluid is essential for your brakes to work. When you push on the brake pedal, the brake fluid that leads to the brake pads pressing against the rotors, causing your car to slow down and stop. As time goes on, brake fluid absorbs air, moisture and sludge and gets contaminated. Air in the brake fluid greatly decreases braking efficiency and causes braking to feel spongy. A brake system flush requires removing the existing fluid and moisture out of the system and replacing it with fresh, clean, fluid. A brake fluid flush ensures that your brake system performs properly and will increase the lifespan of your brake system components.

Signs you need a brake system flush?

  • Your Brake fluid looks black or brown, which is a sign of contamination
  • Your Brake pedal feels spongy when you press down
  • Your brake system doesn’t perform as well

How often should you flush your brake fluid?

It’s suggested that brake fluid is changed every 40,000 km or 3 years. Always follow your car manufacturer's maintenance schedule and guidelines regarding brake fluid maintenance and always use the brake fluid they recommend (our mek’s will make sure they use the right fluid for your car).

How important is this service?

It’s important to regularly flush your brake system, otherwise you risk needing expensive repairs to your brake system down the road. As the brake fluid gets contaminated, it will wear down the brake system components, causing them to fail and leak. This will also decrease your brake system performance, causing a safety concern.

Brake Fluid Flush Reviews

Dorris Reynolds
Dorris Reynolds
04:34 08 Jan 20
I have multiple experiences with instamek and they're my goto mechanics now. The service is quick and the staff friendly. I first heard about them through BCAA when I wanted to get a car inspected but since have used them to replace my battery and brakes. Thanks again guys!
Michelle Sherif
Michelle Sherif
20:31 15 Nov 19
I recently got my brakes changed through instamek and had an awesome experience. The mechanic was prompt, friendly and professional. The best part was that I didn’t have to leave my house and was able to work from home and not take any time out of my day to go to the shop. I would highly recommend this service!
Muhammad Iqbal
Muhammad Iqbal
04:56 07 Nov 19
Had a great experience with instaMek - they changed my brakes at my house after doing an inspection for me. It was easy and the mechanic was nice
00:53 09 May 19
I just had my rear brakes and rotors replaced and front brakes checked and was a reasonable price. Jack was very pleasant and kind. The service was fast and clean.will share their services to friends and family. Thank you Jack
Elena MacGregor
Elena MacGregor
21:46 10 Oct 18
I love this service! I was looking at a car that was repaired from salvage. The dealer said that the damage was minor and instaMek confirmed that there was nothing to worry about. I bought a car at a considerable discount with peace of mind. I also appreciated that all my questions about the report were answered immediately. The report had great detail and gave me a good idea of the condition of... tires, structure, brakes and more. I recommend this service to anyone buying a more
Davin Heikkinen
Davin Heikkinen
21:03 23 Apr 18
Omar is awesome! Very honest, friendly and efficient. I was in Vancouver visiting from out of town and in a tough spot when my brakes gave out - this team helped me professionally from the initial call I made, to watching Omar’s tail lights leave the parking lot! A great option if you’re repairs are not too extreme and a “Mek” can come out to help! I would use them again. I wish Omar and the rest... of the InstaMek team health and more
Rebecca Verveda
Rebecca Verveda
19:16 30 Mar 17
My brakes gave out on me. These guys came and replaced my breaks/pads and checked my engine the same day for an extremely reasonable price. I am thoroughly impressed with their service, professionalism and would (and have) recommend them to anyone.

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