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Why Should I Change My Tires?


This is a common question we get – some people don’t realize how important it is to have the right tires on your vehicle. Remember, your tires are the first point and only point of contact between you and the road.

All tires are made for different purposes and designed to perform the better in certain situations. No tire is great for all purposes because of the very compound that’s used to make them.

This video will show you the difference between the types of tires.

It shows that the braking distance for winter tires can be 42% greater or 6.2m longer when stopping from 100 km/h versus a vehicle that has summer tires. That’s the difference between stopping in a busy intersection and not.

We can’t under emphasize how important it is to use the right tires at the right time of year because they can make all the difference in the world in emergency situations.

You owe it to yourself to keep you & your family safe.

Watch the effects on braking distances between winter and summer tires.

“I have used instaMek twice now. These guys are amazing! They show up on time, they are completely professional and very friendly. I did not have to call 5 garages to tell me no not today” – Kim B.

Tire Changeover

A tire changeover uses the rim same but we change the tires from winter to summer. We bring our van which includes a tire remover and tire balancer. 

Starting at $119.99

Tire Swap

A tire swap is simply swapping your winter tires and rims with another set of summer tires and rims. We don’t need any special tools for this service.

Starting at $79.99

“Where do I start? They were quick to respond, charged me very reasonably, and saved me from tons of headaches” – Rachele A.

Our Story

We started instaMek 2 years ago after my mother had a horrible experience with an auto repair shop. After that moment, I knew there had to be a better way. We built this company with the mission to make car repair & service easy, trustworthy and transparent so that we can feel good about the positive change we are making to peoples lives.

We invest our profits in our community because it takes a village to grow and without the support of our customers we wouldn’t be around.

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“Fantastic. I have used them twice. Once to get my brakes redone and the second time to get winter tires and oil changed on two vehicles. Way more convenient than driving back and forth across the city to have tires changed.” – Colin G.

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