Air-conditioning has been growing in need, tending to no longer be a luxury but a necessity embraced by the automotive industry. Especially with humidity on the rise, you are no longer able to cool down the car merely by opening the windows. Tremendous improvements and technological advances have been taking place for the car’s air-con/climate control system.

However, it is important to understand how exactly the air-conditioning works inside a car, what you should remember and look out for. You must maintain the air-conditioner well for it to keep doing its work at the best level.

How Air-conditioning in Cars Work?

The air-conditioning functions almost the same way for all the cars. The system runs on a refrigerant, which is a high-pressure gas. The AC comes with some essential parts that allow it to do the work it does- keeping your car cool with fresh and clean air.

Why does the Car AC stop Blowing Cold Air Sometimes?

It can happen sometimes that your car’s AC is unable to blow cold air anymore, hence compromising your comfort. It can occur due to several reasons and it might also be pretty easy to fix. Some of the most frequent reasons why this might occur are good to be aware of.

  1. The refrigerant of the AC has run out of charge- This is the most common reason why you might be missing the cool air through your car’s AC. You might have to recharge this by yourself. However, you can also run down to the Vehicle Air-conditioner System Service nearby or book an appointment with a technician of the Auto AC repair service or Mobile mechanic vehicle repair service.
  2. Sometimes the AC system refrigerant might leak- this can be a big issue because when the refrigerant leaks, it can evaporate by coming in contact with the air. You will then need to go to a professional in your nearby Auto vehicle repair service or the Car AC replacement service. They can determine if there is a leak and replace the failing components.
  3. The motor of the fan might be failing- this is another big troublesome issue for your AC. The motor is usually located at the front of the motor and when they start to fail, your AC will stop working too.

Keeping the Car Air-conditioning System Clean and Healthy

It is important to keep the hygiene within your car and keeping the air entering the car clean is a big responsibility. When thinking about the climate control system or the air-conditioning system of your automobile, you must not forget about the circuits that come within it. These are the places where debris or dirt might accumulate. These vents can also serve as a breeding ground for microorganisms.

You can disinfect the AC system of the car in several steps.

First, you need to clean any dirt or dust that might have accumulated within the vents of the AC system. This can be done using a foam brush or by mixing lukewarm water with white vinegar. You need to be patient when cleaning the fans this way.

Next, you should take care of drying the components before moving towards disinfecting them. This can be done by running the heater at the maximum temperature for a few minutes while you are not inside the car.

After switching off the heater, you can apply the disinfectant in 2 ways. First, you can get a can of disinfectant with a protruding long nozzle. This will allow you to reach the depths of the vents in the AC.

You need to first take out the interior or the anti-pollen filter and put new ones to alleviate any existing source of dirt. However, let us not talk about installing the new filters until we have reached the end.

To close the circuit, you have to turn on the air recirculation system and close the grilles. Next, you must turn the system off and take out only the central grilles. This is where you need to apply the disinfectant, as deep as possible. Then, you can close each of the grilles and move to the next till you have completely disinfected all the air vents.

You need to leave the disinfectant to do its job for at least 30 minutes before you go on to evaporate it. You need to start the engine and set the AC system to the maximum temperature ensuring that the vents are fully open. After the disinfectant has successfully evaporated, the process can be concluded.

On the other hand, you could also spray disinfectants but that will have its instructions.

To close off the process, you need to allow proper ventilation to the vehicle, by opening up all the doors and windows. This will be your last step.

Concluding Remarks

You are now equipped with all the necessary bits of knowledge for the AC system of a car. You must realize the importance of this component of your car and look out for alerts of the system malfunctioning. If you take good care of the system, it will be able to take good care of you.