The first thing that people look at when it comes to used cars, other than damage and decay, is the odometer reading. How much a car has traveled can be a big indicator of its age. As a result, many drivers use it as a determining factor as to whether they’ll buy it or not. You may wonder how shoppers can know so much just by looking at the mileage. In this guide, we give you all the tips and tricks when shopping for used cars based on their odometer reading.

How Much Mileage is Good For a Used Car?

Another way to ask this question is, “How old would you prefer your pre owned car to be?” A car’s age can be a big factor in insurance costs and how much coverage you will need. So whether a certain amount of mileage is actually good for a used car is subjective and based on the kind of car you are looking for.

How can you tell a used car’s age by its mileage? The magic number is going to be 19,300 because the average driver will drive 19,300 kilometers in one year. If you’re at a used car lot and see an odometer with that amount, then it’s safe to infer that the car is about a year or two old. Another way to determine the years on a used car based on mileage is to divide the odometer’s reading by 19,300. The answer will be the approximate age of the used car.

Let’s say that you find a used car with an odometer reading of around 96,500. You’ll find that if you divide it by 19,300, it calculates to 5. So, it’s safe to infer that that car is around five years old. A multiplication table of 19,300 can also be handy to have on hand or on your device when used car shopping.

It’s important to remember that a used car’s age and mileage isn’t an indicator of how long it will last you. There have been some cases where cars with more mileage last longer than those with less.

Should Mileage be The Deciding Factor?

Mileage is a great indicator of the age of the car, but not so much about the future. The number of kilometers the car has doesn’t reflect the care it was given to by its original owner. So a car with more mileage might function better than one with less. Because of this, you should always check the car’s history report for more details such as service dates, accidents, any previous drivers, and the title status. These will tell you if the car has had all the suggested maintenance in order to be road-worthy. Seeing a used car with missed service dates on its record may be a red flag.

So, Are High Mileage Cars Good to Buy?

A car with an odometer reading of around 160,900 may suggest that it is at least a decade old. Cars usually don’t stay in working order for this long without replaced parts or being serviced over the years. This is a good thing for you as the used-car buyer because you want all the parts to be in working order with some additional lifespan. Drive and timing belts, along with water pumps, valves, and gaskets, are some of the major components that show wear over time. So, if you’re thinking about buying a decade-old used car, pay extra attention to its parts to see if it’s a good buy.

The Relationship Between Make, Year, and Mileage

The years it has been on the road, as well as the miles per gallon, can indicate a lot about a vehicle. Both are equally important in the buying process.  A vehicle’s mileage is only one element to consider when purchasing a used automobile. Low mileage on a more recent pre-owned automobile may suggest years of dependable function, but that isn’t always the case. In addition to examining its service record, buyers should inquire about how the car was utilized.

The condition of a used vehicle’s previous usage is important for its reliability, regardless of how old or how many miles are on the odometer. If a vehicle has fewer miles but is older, it was most likely utilized for rapid commutes during stop-and-go traffic.

These cars typically have more wear and tear on the engine, which may result in performance difficulties. However, a newer used vehicle with a greater number of miles driven may suggest that it was primarily driven on the road. Because driving down the highway takes less strain on parts, a vehicle with a greater number of highway miles generally has fewer damaged performance components. As a result, these automobiles may possibly have a longer operational life.

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