Top 10 Car Dealers in Surrey, BC

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If you are in the midst of the process of buying a brand new car, then this is a list of the best 10 dealerships in Surrey BC that will definitely help you find the perfect car for you. These dealerships are known for the quality of the cars they provide and also their excellent customer services in Surrey, BC. Keep reading this article to know more!

1. Surrey Mitsubishi New Car Dealership

If you are in the Surrey area, then this new car dealership will definitely help you find the car of your dreams. While they also deal in used cars, they have a wide selection of new cars that you can choose from. As the name suggests, this car dealership only deals in Mitsubishi vehicles. Come and browse through their cars and in case you have any doubts or want to take the car out for a spin, check with the employees and salespersons available. They are extremely polite and helpful and will happily oblige.

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2. Hallmark Ford Sales

This car dealership deals with old and new vehicles. With a wide selection of Ford vehicles, you can peacefully go through everything they have to offer and consult the employees at the dealership who can assist you and give you the best car that suits your needs. You can also check out their website where you can see all the new cars in their inventory. This car dealership is one of the most renowned and trusted dealerships in Surrey, BC. it is open from Monday to Saturday and remains closed on Sundays.
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3. King George Nissan

One of the most distinguishing factors about this new car dealership in Surrey is the fact that their staff is very fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Spanish, in addition to English. Dealing in both used and new cars, this dealership has a wide range of cars to choose from so that customers and carefully make a decision that best suits their needs. Open on all days of the week, this dealership is known for employees who are extremely helpful and guide their customers to the right car. Feel free to call them or write to them in case of any doubts.


4. Murray Hyundai New And Used Car Dealership


Started by AC Clair Murray, this car dealership was founded with the intention of serving only the best to their customers and easing them into the process of selecting their ideal dream vehicle. You can see the dedication and effort put in by their team through the way they engage with their clients and address their questions regarding what type of car is best for them. If you want to know what cars are there in their inventory, you can check it out on their website under the tab New Inventory.

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5. Langley Hyundai

Hyundai cars are loved all over the world, and Langley Hyundai is one of the most trusted and popular Hyundai dealerships in the Surrey area. No matter what car you are looking for, be it a sedan, hatchback or an SUV, you can find it all here. Langley car dealership deals with new and used cars, so you can go for whatever option that best suits your needs and also fits in your budget. You can also count on the employees of this dealership to give you holistic information about each and every car and also let you test out all the vehicles.
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6. Midway Mazda

This car dealership not only helps people to find their dream car but also helps people with vehicle servicing and the financing bit as well. Dealing in only Mazda cars, you can browse through all this place has to offer on their website if you want to check online before you visit the place in person. Midway Mada offers new and used vehicles, and their models lie in a varied range of build, budget and riding comfort.
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7. Applewood Kia

This Kia dealership has new Kia car models and is also one of the most trusted dealerships in Surrey for used as well as new vehicles. If you are considering getting yourself a Kia car, then you must definitely consider visiting Applewood Kia as this car dealership has some of the best deals for new vehicles and an incredible staff that will do whatever they can in their power to give you a happy experience. They are trained to match people to their dream cars, so if you are looking for one, stop by Applewood Kia and you will not be disappointed.
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8. OpenRoad Toyota Peace Arch

This new car dealership was initially called the Toyota Peace Arch and has been providing some of the best services in the Surrey BC region since 1966. With legacy on its side, OpenRoad car dealership has also won many awards which goes to show that they truly are pioneers of customer care, sales, and market penetration as well. While this dealership aces in the business area, they also do great philanthropy work, which means that your money goes towards a good cause.
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9. Willowbrook Chrysler

TThis new and used car dealership in Surrey helps you in all aspects of buying a car – from the initial process of selecting a car to the financing bit as well. If you are looking for new Jeeps, new Ram trucks or new Chrysler and Dodge vehicles, then this place should top your list of places to visit. This is a family-owned initiative and has grown to be one of the most trusted dealerships in Surrey for new cars.
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10. North Surrey Auto Mall

Unlike most car dealerships that deal in only one or two brands of cars, this automobile mall has a variety of brands of vehicles to choose from, everything from Volkswagen, Volvo, Dodge, Toyota, Jeep to Chrysler and Hyundai. If you are unsure of what brand to go for, we suggest that you visit this place and their friendly and helpful staff will help you find a vehicle that is tailor-made for your needs. North Surrey Auto Mall also understands that buying a new car can be a big investment, which is why they also provide financial solutions so that you can get to your dream vehicle quicker and with lesser hassles.
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