The Cost of an Oil Change in Edmonton, AB

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When it comes to finding a place to get an oil change in Edmonton you have plenty of options. From quick lube spots to dealerships and regular garages to mobile mechanics. As with our other article on finding the price of auto repair in Edmonton, we did the hard work for you and found the prices of various oil changes in Edmonton.

Remember, to perform oil changes you don’t require a special license, and anyone can do them so you have a ton of options – but that can also create more problems.

Quick note, for the prices we have they are only for 5L of oil (which most cars take) and we have the prices of both conventional and synthetic. You can learn from about the difference between the different types of oil here.

instaMek Oil Changes


With instaMek, oil changes are priced higher than our competitors for the simple reason that we are coming to you versus you having to go to a shop. On top of that you always have a Certified Red Seal mechanic doing the oil change plus giving you an in-depth inspection of your vehicle. For all these reasons, it isn’t your cheapest option but your best if you value your time at all. Our oil changes start at $69.49 and include a through inspection plus fluid top offs.

Quick Lube Stations


For quick lube stations, the benefits are that you can just drive up and get your oil change done while you wait in your car. This can make it very convenient because the whole process usually takes about 30 minutes. The negatives of this approach are the oil change technicians are not qualified mechanics and you will be constantly up-sold your entire time there. Plus for higher end vehicles – it’s probably not the best idea to take your vehicle here because you will might need a special type of oil (i.e the BMW M3).

Here are the prices for quick lube stations:


Auto Repair Shops


The other natural options is to take your vehicle to the dealership or any other auto repair shop. The benefits of taking it to a mechanic shop is that they generally have certified mechanics on staff (even though they usually don’t change the oil, their apprentices do) so they can keep a good eye on the condition of the vehicle. As with quick lube stations there is also a tendency to upsell but not as much because shops make their money on actual repairs.

The general negatives of taking your vehicle to a shop for an oil change is that it be an inconvenience. You usually have to book an appointment and it can take up to an hour (or longer) of you just sitting there and waiting. It’s a real hassle and takes hours out of your day when you don’t have to because other options exist. However, if you like to hang out at a shop, read some magazines and drink their coffee and it’s a way to pass your time.

Auto Repair Shops Prices for Oil Changes


Based on our research, if price is very important to you because cash is tight then your best bet is to go to a franchise location that offers cheap oil changes. They’ll try to up-sell you but if cash is tight then it’s not really an issue.

However, if your time is more valuable than a few dollars then instaMek is a great option because it’s super easy to book an oil change and have a certified mechanic do the work at your location. Another option is to take your vehicle to a quick lube spot where the prices are in the middle but you’ll be subject to high pressure selling.

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