The Cost of an Oil Change in Calgary, AB

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For most drivers in Calgary, you’ll want to change your oil twice a year or every 5,000 to 7,500 kilometres to keep your vehicle running smoothly. It’s always a good idea to consult your owner’s manual for specific oil change considerations with your make and model. Although you don’t need a special license to change oil – and you could even do it yourself if you’ve learned how – taking your vehicle to a professional mechanic can provide reassurance with the job is being done correctly.

You have many choices in terms of locations and prices when it comes to getting an oil change in Alberta’s largest city. Here are some of the different options available.

instaMek Oil Changes


Getting an oil change with instaMek means top-notch service from a Certified Red Seal mechanic and enhanced convenience. Our services are unique because we come to you. This additional level of service and convenience does come with a fee, but our oil changes are still priced competitively. Plus, you get the extra service of a certified mechanic giving your car an in-depth inspection.

instaMek’s oil changes start at $64.99, and you can view our full range of services here.

Quick Lube Stations


These businesses offer a different kind of convenience. Typically, you can get your oil changed quickly while you wait. You can be in and out in around a half-hour. However, you often have to deal with the workers trying to upsell you on services. Also, they may not be able to accommodate unique requests if your vehicle requires a premium oil. The workers are not usually qualified mechanics, so it can be a little riskier than going with a shop of professional mechanics. You won’t be able to get a full inspection along with your oil change either.

Here are some prices for 5 litres (standard volume for most vehicles) oil change at quick lube stations around Calgary.

Company NameConventionalSemi-SyntheticFull-Synthetic
Quick Lube 1$59.99$74.99$99.95
Quick Lube 2$61.95 $97.95
Quick Lube 3$54.99$69.99$99.99

Auto Repair Shops


You also have the option of taking your vehicle back to the dealership or to another full-service auto repair shop for servicing. As with other options, you’ll get the expertise of trained mechanics and their apprentices as well as some pesky attempts to upsell other services. However, it can be a headache to arrange an oil change at an auto shop. These businesses have many services, so you’ll likely have to make an appointment and sacrifice the use of your car for an hour or longer.

Here are some prices for 5 litres (standard volume for most vehicles) oil change at auto repair shops around Calgary.

Company NameConventionalSemi-SyntheticFull-Synthetic
Franchise Tire Shop$36.95$56.95$76.95
Auto Repair Shop$54.95 $82.95
Dealer$84.95 $109.95

Get Your Oil Changed Today


We understand that everyone’s needs, budgets and cars are different. If it’s time for your next oil change, consider a quick, convenient, at-home and competitively-priced service from some of the best mechanics in Calgary.

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