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Automobile Repair – Electrical Services

If you have ever been stranded with a dead battery or your vehicle has been giving you electrical problems, you know what a pain it can be. Our certified mechanics can start your car and fix your electrical problems in no time.

Our Auto Electric Services Include

Battery Replacement – One of the most common causes for a car’s failure is a battery malfunction. We can provide you with a high-quality battery suitable for your vehicle’s specifications.
Alternator & Starter Replacement – Besides the battery, the most critical components of a car’s electrical system are the alternator and the starter. We can replace any starter or alternator for all makes and models.
Fuses, Relays & Modules – Our certified mechanics have the tools and knowledge to identify and fix different issues in your car’s electrical circuits. Replacing a faulty circuit protection device is essential to prevent short circuits and get the vehicle going.
Sensors & Switches – Whether you have problems with your vehicle’s temperature gauge, fuel gauge or any other type of switches and sensors, we can assist you.
Motors & Regulators – If you have experienced a slow-moving window before, it’s probably associated with a faulty window motor. Our professional mechanics can replace defective motors and regulators quickly, leaving your windows operating like new.

Restore the Spark of Life of Your Car

Your car’s electrical system needs as much care as other parts of your vehicle. A dead battery or a failure of an electrical component can cause a lot of headaches and stress. With instaMek’s certified auto mechanics, we can fix your car’s electrical issues whether you’re at home, work or on the road.

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