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Alternator Replacement & Repair

Serving Edmonton, Calgary, & Vancouver

InstaMek Mobile Mechanics will replace or repair your alternator wherever you are – saving you the hassle of getting a tow truck and dealing with the back and forth of a shop all at a very reasonable cost.

What Is An Alternator?

The alternator is what charges your battery using power from the engine. You’ll notice your alternator failing as it fails to charge your battery and you’re stuck in a lot of situations where your won’t turn on. It also powers the accessories in your vehicle so if the alternator isn’t working your car just might stop dead on the road. It’s an important part of the car you have to replace if you’re having any issues with it! Your car will usually signal to you that something is not right via a battery warning light or will have a low volt gauge reading but not always.

Common Signs And Symptoms That You Need to Replace An Alternator

  • Car will not start
  • Lights starting to dim or flicker
  • Warning light for battery is on
  • Battery is dead or fails to charge properly

How Important Is This Service?

As the power source of your entire car, the alternator is one of the most vital pieces of a machinery in any vehicle. You will not be able to start the car, turn on the lights, use the AC or any of the other many features you normally enjoy.

Not only that, it is generally dangerous to drive without a working alternator as if the battery runs out, vital functions that you use for driving may fail. If the warning light or check engine light is on, we recommend you get an expert inspection immediately. Otherwise, it'll be lights out.


Alternator Cost

The cost of the alternator depends entirely on the vehicle but for most domestic vehicles the cost for an alternator is around $250 to $500 and requires between 1 to 2 hours to replace. The cost for imports ranges from $400 to $1000 and the labour times can be between 1 to 3 hours. You can replace the alternator with a brand new OEM one, or a refurbished one. The refurbished one is usually a little bit cheaper – either way the choice is yours.

Alternator Belt

The alternator belt, also known as the serpentine, accessory or drive belt, is what connects the engine’s output shaft to the alternator. If your belt is wearing out you’ll notice cracking and fraying which is a sign that it should be changed. The cost for changing the belt depends on the vehicle but is usually between $100 to $350.

Mobile Alternator Repair

Don’t deal with the headaches of having to tow your car to a shop – this service is our bread and butter as mobile mechanics. You’ll have a completely hassle free experience with us coming to you instead. Call us at 1-888-507-3435 for a quote or click the link below for an online quote.

We are open from 8am - 6pm Monday to Saturday