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Meet Alexey Ivanov

Certified Red Seal Mobile Auto Technician

I absolutely love everything mechanical and have been passionate about cars since I was a young child. I received my Red Seal License 10 years ago and have been working & living with my family in Edmonton for the last 3 years. Every vehicle is different with it’s own unique quirks and I make sure to spend the time to research everything I can before the service. The part I love the most about being a mobile mechanic (beside from working on cars) is educating my clients on what I’m doing and helping them understand their car more. Nothing brings me more joy than having customers come back to and refer their friends & family to me.

Aside from working on cars, I like to go hiking, mountain biking and skiing in our majestic Rocky Mountains.

I was blown away by the knowledge and skill Alexey presented me with. My truck had power to all systems except the starter. I had tried banging it but it didn’t go. When Alexey arrived he did a diagnostic before replacing the starter. The tests he did I had never seen. And thorough. Even if it meant crawling under the truck and back again for a small adjustment. In the end he saved me the cost of a starter. And I got a brand new battery. That was my problem. Not enough cranking amps. I was beyond happy and Alexey is a rock star!

Robin L.


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Alexey is a master of his craft and I’m so happy to call him my mechanic. I’ve had bad experiences in the past where the mechanic diagnosed my car wrong and they would charge me all this money to fix the problem by throwing parts at it. I’ve never once had this issue with Alexey and this alone has saved me so much money. I trust Alexey with our families cars and tell everyone about him.

Jim S.

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